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How to Use Vanilla Beans

slice vanilla bean


Slice the vanilla bean carefully.


Slice the top outer layer of the vanilla pod in half lengthwise. Be careful to not slice through to the bottom layer. It takes a knife with a very sharp point such as a paring knife and a little practice





inside a vanilla bean


Pull open the vanilla pod.


Once you have cut through the outer layer you can open the vanilla pod revealing many little black seeds inside.






scraping vanilla bean with a spoon


Use a spoon to scrape out the seeds.


Put the pod on a flat surface and scrape the inside of the pod with a spoon or pairing knife.






collect seeds on a spoon


Collect the seeds on the spoon.


If done right the seeds should collect on the spoon or on the back of a paring knife. Now you can use the seeds for any recipe that calls for vanilla. 1 whole vanilla bean is a substitution for about 2 teaspoons vanilla extract. For smoothies you can use the whole pod.




cut off ends of vanilla bean


When using the whole pod, cut off the ends.


If you are making a smoothie with a high speed blender you can use the whole pod. Just cut off the ends and . . .






chop vanilla beans into small pieces


Chop into small pieces.


Chop the pod into small pieces and then throw them into your blender with your smoothie.







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