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Raw Union Festival, Oregon 2009

alter for wedding


This was the beautiful alter created for the wedding, it had flowers, branches, shells, and young coconut husks.


Matt and Angela


Matt and Angela the night before the wedding.

wedding ceramony


David Wolfe officiating the wedding, the vows were beautiful.
For better or best ever:)

cutting the cake


The cutting of the beautiful lemon raw wedding cake that rivaled most wedding cakes.

first kiss


Pronounced husband and wife!



Beautiful singer song writer

Matt making a speech


Toasts and Speeches

raw food wedding feast


The wedding feast: Incan berry chutney, Chinese broccoli, Thai kelp noodles, pesto, nut cheese, red bell pepper pate, flax crackers, and a salad with these amazing olives! This was just the first plate, it was an all you can eat buffet! Food by Solla Icelandic raw food goddess!

beautiful raw wedding cake


The gorgeous wedding cake made by Cafe Gratitude's Chaya.

different wedding cakes


Coconut cream pie, lemon layer cake, cacao layer cake, and a cacao pudding! Coconut cream still rules!

John with raw cacao on his face


My friend John, acting goofy after too much dessert! No more cacao for you!

Matt and John old roomates


John  and Matt, old roommates reunited.

newlyweds sharing a moment


Beautiful romantic picture, one of my favorites!

rose petal table decoration


One of the wedding table decorations.


father walking down the bride


Bride and father walking up the aisle in this case

crystal alter


Beautiful crystal alter

Angel's Farm in Oregon


Angel's farm, the gorgeous venue for the event in Central Point, Oregon.

Kevin Gianni


My rawtourage Novalee and John with Kevin Gianni, really nice guy by the way.

Robert Cheeke flexing his muscles


Robert Cheek, Vegan body builder extraordinaire and one of my first myspace friends I discovered!

Emily showing her raw lunch


Sweet woman named Emily who let me photograph her lunch!

John opening a coconut


John opening coconuts like a pro!

Bunny Berry


Me and Bunny Berry. She has sooooooo much personality!

New Raw Food Magazine Stand


Bunny Berry's New Raw Food Magazine, Ra Fu

Nova eating sprouts


Sunflower sprouts are the new french fry!

Cecilia eating sprouts


They were only a dollar for a whole basket!

toe shoes


Purple toe shoes

John dancing with puppy


John getting funky with little Moon Doggie.

David Wolfe


David Wolfe

David Wolfe playing drums


David Wolfe plays the drums really well!

Mt. Shasta


Mt. Shasta, we stopped for spring water here.

Mt. Shasta Headwaters


Mt. Shasta Headwaters

Mt Shasta Stream


This is where the snow from Mt. Shasta, that has melted and filtered through the rocks, comes out of the mountain.

John filling up jug at Mt. Shasta


This is John filling up our jug with mountain spring water!
It tasted like snow!


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