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Raw Food Journal

This is an opportunity to share a little of my life with you. My hope is that you will find inspiration in my story as I have found inspiration from other people's stories.


Don't forget to read my story and check out my Raw Food Before and After Pictures!


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The Official Raw Glow Blog

Launched June 2009, Updated Regularly

My vision is to share my 12 years experience with the raw food’s lifestyle and healing with others such as tips, recipes, roadblocks, inspiration, interviews . . . and I’m sure with your participation, my vision will continually evolve and grow. Please join my vision by offering useful and positive comments. Thank you for your support!


Raw Food Journal

March 2006-May 2009


I started this journal in March 2006 before the blog platform had become so popular. In June 2009 I finally decided to start officially blogging on a modern blog platform. Feel free to browse my old journal, it still has a lot of good information, but please join me at my new blog!

Cecilia Kinzie

My Story: Raw Food Before and After Pictures

How I became a raw foodist and my raw food before and after pictures.

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Personal Photo Gallery

Special events and highlights of some of my raw food travels across the globe.

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Some of my poetry that I feel inspired to share.




"Learning to live is learning to let go."
- Sogyal Rinpoche