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Santa Rosa Raw Health Festival 2009

Victoria Boutenk and I


The lovely Victoria Boutenko and I.

Kathryn Auckland


Kathryn Auckland from Raw Food Central in Sebastopol

Seed Cuisine


Seed Cuisine from Seed Restaurant in Santa Rosa



Violiv, violet glass products

Viva Pura Booth


Viva Pura Booth

Shea and Stephen


The lovely Shea and Stephen

Nomi Shannon


Christian, Shana, and Nomi Shannon

Kevin Gianni


Paul Nison, Kevin Gianni, and Melissa Mango just hanging

blueberry booth


Lea at the blueberry booth

KAIA Granola Booth


The founder of KAIA Foods. Really yummy granola!



Terry from www.ohsv.net, the best sea veggies!

Shana Dean


Shana Dean from www.highrawfoods.com

Raw Ice Cream Demo


Novalee during her raw ice cream demo!

Nova and I


Nova and I ready to go home and sleep for a week!

Vendor Hall


The Vendor Hall

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