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All poems written by Cecilia Kinzie


Hawaii's Embrace circle Iceland circle Diamond in the Rough circle Thank You circle Faith  
Nature Never Fails circle God's Hands circle Sunset circle Today circle Do Not Find Me circle Big
 Children circle Both Angels circle Emerging circle She Walks
  It's Time circle Metamorphosis circle Haiku circle Transformations #2 circle Good Enough
Mango Morning circle Transformations circle A Woman Who Knows Her Worth circle Beauty is all Around circle Moving Forward circle Gratitude



angels trumpet flower

Hawaii's Embrace

I remember your embrace

It hung around my neck like a thousand gently threaded leis
tickling my nose with your fragrant winds
Hibiscus, Plumeria, Wild Orchids
polka dotted the horizon like eye candy
spilling their seductive perfume into the air
kissing my senses

I remember your embrace

It felt misty and soft like morning dew
enveloping my fragile skin
like the petals of your native flowers

Your air so moist I could drink it
With every breath, nourishment
With every breath
I felt fresh and new again

I remember your embrace

It tasted like rain
and coconut champagne
Fruit that dropped like jewels at my feet
with names like royalty
that rolled sweetly off my tongue
creamy Chocolate Sapote
custard Canistel
vanilla pudding Relenia
tangy Rambutan
sweet potato pie Mamey
food fit for the gods

I remember your embrace

It sounded like
the sing songy voices of the women at the farmer's market
beckoning with the bounty of your eternal fertility
because nothing ever dies in you, Hawaii
even your earth is multiplying
pregnant, radiant, and glowing
giving birth to herself

Your embrace will never leave me
like a sweet memory
it softly beckons
come back to me

come back to me




icelandic waterfall




Don't let me forget your milky waters
that I melted into and felt like a thread unwinding
Safe and protected by
your hard black volcanic exterior
cut only by your
gushing crystal streams
amongst your bright green mossy countryside
I climbed you and felt you
misting me and warming me
welcoming me
Your light never letting me rest until
I explored and truly knew you
Until I could see what Kjarvalsstadir saw
The luminesint magenta turquoise sparkle of the mountainside terrain
The outline of snow and rock that is
Amazon, Women of the Mountain in all her majesty
I never thought that I would live to see
a place as enchanting as you, Iceland
Well hidden gem of the world
thank you so much
for revealing your secrets
to me




crystal on a stream


Diamond in the Rough


Everyday I wake up
I feel gorgeous
not because
I have proportional facial features
or glossy well managed hair
but because
I know
that beauty shines
from the inside
and I know
I am the diamond in the rough
that God placed in me
waiting to be discovered



red flowers


Thank You


I wanted to say I'm sorry
for being so ungrateful
it's become a habit of feeling entitled
to a perfect life
a pattern of feeling frustrated
and not really knowing why
I'm sorry for not noticing that I have
ten perfect little fingernails
ten cute perfectly shaped (well almost) toes
two perfectly functional legs
two 20/20 eyes
and one fully audible voice
I can grab, walk ,see and talk and I take these things for granted everyday
amongst a million other things
it puts things into perspective
and makes my grumpiness
seem rather comical
so if i haven't said it lately
Thank You
for life
it's really not as bad as I make it seem
it's actually kind of wonderful
a special kind of amazing
even all the tedious moments
have their sacredness
in the scheme of things
if only when I take the time
to remember






She knew if only she touched him
If only his tunic brushed lightly
against hers
She did not question she did not doubt

Faith Heals

Water dripped down his face
liquid salvation
thirsty eyes
cannot get enough

Faith Heals

Faith is not the witness of miracles

Faith is the miracle




beautiful calla lilly leaves


Nature Never Fails


I am a blossom
still closed
and waiting
it is misty outside
and dew has formed on my closed petals

I am resting quietly
not quite ready to open
but faithful
because I know
the sun will come
and God is holding me
in her hands

Open or closed
I am made of earth
I am fed by sun
my body is sustained from water and air
the predictable laws of nature pertain to me

birth death rebirth
summer fall winter spring
As I hibernate, I know I will blossom again soon
Nature never fails
her beloved creations




shimmer against water


God's Hands


My thoughts and worries
always lead to
a place
where the winds
die and fail
to blow
their destination
is always certain
an endless

I'd much rather ride
the invisible wind
that slips through me
like God's hands
where it takes me
I don't know
my only landmark




sunset in Fiji



Are you cotton candy clouds?
wispy strands
pulling apart
one away from
the other

Are you
ecstasy filled
sugar induced
the sound
of children
wide eyes
under a
lavender sky?

Are you the disappearance of blue
melting into golden and raspberry hues?
sky melts and bubbles over
with the heat of your
colors mate
rosy and flushed
like sweaty
your light touch

Why must you go?
your parting gift
a basket of
mango, cranberry, orchid
you leave me with
a moment of glory
as you crown the sky
with your pearls
your majestic
trail behind you
like a silk
you proclaim
belongs to
It is
in the

Let me fly
and get lost in your
lavender eyes
you open them wide
before you shut them
I awake to
to navy
and slate gray
your magnificent
a dream
with me






A momentum
A smile
A hope
A wish come true
The promise of today

Me in motion
Finally in action
New ideas

The world is spinning
My heart is winning
For once

Today I feel like playing
Spreading sparks like wildfire
Hoping they take residence
In stranger's eyes
Contagious life

Today I remember
Today I remember

Who I am




reflection of trees in a stream


Do Not Find Me


I'm disappearing
off the face of the earth
I'm hibernating
to that cave in my heart
I'm going to find that spark
I'm going to sit in the dark
and wait for the moon
do not find me
I am not lost

Dried petals crumble
and leaves
fall through me
I am transparent
and free
like the

I am breath
invisible and soft
and blind to the eye
only I
know where
I am

Do not find me

I am finding







It's an opening
why did I think it was anything else?
it's an emptying
but not because I'm dirty
but because I'm free

It's so big
I can't wrap my arms around it
I stretch them wide as I can
my chest
my heart
spread open
like a lush valley
seen through the eyes of a dove
I still can't grasp it
I still can't touch it
nothing can contain it
nothing can control it
that is
my love
is like




little hands holding daffodils




To hold a child's face in your hands
to make their faces light up
to appreciate their smiles
their giggles
their funny haphazardly told

Is to know joy

To speak gently
and act kindly
to a child
to protect them
and set boundaries for them
so they can grow
in the birthright of
their innocence

Is to know purpose

To bask in the glow of children
to have them call your name
and draw you pictures
and ask you to notice them

Is a privilege

To recognize the sparkly eyes
the innocent fragile heart
the spirit that never stops
growing and wondering
to see the child in everyone

Is a gift




man sitting on a canyon


Both Angels


It's so easy to turn from
the face of the angel
turn your back and declare
no one ever cared

It's so easy to choose
black from white
and think
that it's always been dark

It's so easy to stand
on one side
and let
despair be your

Even in your darkest hour
both angels
are smiling
on you

If only you would
just turn around
and notice




pink ginger flower




Where is she emerging from?
From the unknown into the known?
Did she fall from the sky
and grow roots
into a patch of wet earth?
Did she stand tall, solid, and strong
and still remember how to fly?

She's emerging
from where I don't know
Where is she going?
She doesn't know
All she knows
is that
She's Emerging
and her past
remains lost
and forgotten
like a discarded
swept up
and blown away
by the first





trail in the country


She Walks


she walks
to her
own rhythm
she smiles
to herself
she's got
on her
she's got
the universe
at her hand
she doesn't
the heat
the traffic
on the street
she has places
to go
a direction
all her own
she walks
in joy
to the





It's Time


it's time
to travel to the eye of my heart
and kiss the worst of it
the black tar
from the
remnants of
a violent storm

it's time it's time
I can hear the wind dying
the sun is arriving

it's time to forgive myself
for all the things that I can't forgive myself for
for all the places where I can't let go
now is the time to let them go

it's time it's time
the gray clouds are parting
the ones that were hiding
that great field of sunflowers
in my heart

it's time to curve my lips up in a smile
it's time to contemplate joy
it's time to stop waiting or going slow
now is the time to let everything flow

it's time it's time
to lift my skirt and dance
to take a chance
on happiness

it's time it's time

it's time to drink




waterfall in Oregon



Sometimes you have to take that first step
even though you are not ready
Sometimes you have to let that first wing breakthrough
the soft chrysalis that was protecting you
Sometimes you have to reluctantly
ride the stream
of that firm but gentle breeze
that keeps whispering
fly fly fly . . .








Eyes like doves
sparkling like diamonds.
She said Good Morning to the sky






Transformations #2


Standing on the edge of dreams and that great unknown
I realized that I have to jump
with or without wings
That’s the only way I’m going to learn to fly
with practice
So I jumped
and I’m falling
not falling apart, just falling
And it feels so free
I almost forgot how scared I am




two hands holding


Good Enough


I always feel like I don’t have a lot to offer other people
but I guess I always have my love to offer
I always have a hug to offer
I always have a smile
I always can offer my laughter
My touch
My welcomeness that lets people know they are safe
that they can fall into the sky of my wide open heart
and rest on the sunsets of my mind.
And I will dare face eternity with them if they so choose to take me along for the ride.
I can always see beyond someone’s eyes and comment on their soul
See that well of stars beneath their face and the magic waiting there
My friendship is full of kind words and listening
communion, waiting, and understanding
A belonging, a permission to be free
a permission for them to be exactly who they need to be
with or without me.
I don’t know if that’s a lot to offer but
it’s good enough






Mango Morning


Why do mangos taste better when you eat them in the sun?
Perhaps it’s that necessary missing ingredient
warming your face
as mango juice drips down your chin
Pure bliss
sun kissed lips
being blessed
by mango nectar
Even through all this
I still feel sun
Maybe it’s all the mangos growing inside of me




dried sunflower




I’m still waiting for my gold dipped butterfly wings
My magical fairy slippers
I’m still waiting to jump into
the wedge of that great open sky
Still waiting for those flying lessons
Always on the brink of something special
Always on the edge
of that great transformation




Cecilia in front of Sun


A Woman Who Knows Her Worth


A woman who knows her worth
knows it is not defined
by what anyone thinks of her or tells her
Not by money, material possessions, external beauty, and least not
by the size of her waist
It runs much much deeper than that
Her worth is in inherent
in every breath that she takes
Every cell in her body
a diamond
ringing , singing, vibrating in a glorious mantra

A woman who knows her worth
knows she is enough
simply because
she was born
A seed planted of divine light
whose only job

A woman who knows her worth
knows that her beauty
her enthusiasm for life
is glowing from the inside
and that people will flock from miles around
to watch her passion burn
Inflaming the world


A woman who knows her worth
never harms herself or puts herself in harms way
She never lets anyone make her feel less
than she is
All the lies that were told to her
and that she told herself about herself
are a thing of the past
She only sees herself through God's eyes now
She finally sees the light about who she truly is


A woman who knows her worth
cultivates that great love in herself
for herself
She nurtures herself
by the things she does
the things she says
and the way she looks
at herself
in the mirror
She has learned
how not to give it


A woman who knows her worth
sources her strength
from that
of conviction
She has the will to fight for what she believes in
And this time
what she believes in
happens to be


A woman who knows her worth
knows she deserves
all the love
and all the good things that this world has to offer
She owns them
She receives them with open arms
because she knows
in the very deep core of her being



 morning glory

Beauty is All Around

Beauty is in the small things
the tiny moments
the pause before your next breath
before your next thought
before your next word
Beauty breathes in silence

Beauty is in the fragility
the impermanence of it all
The deliberate appreciation
of the delicate nature of time
and life itself
Beauty comes alive with gratitude

Beauty is in the communion
between two people
the acknowledgement of the
person behind the eyes
the knowing that your heart beats like mine
Your heart breaks
just like mine
we are no different
There are no strangers
Beauty rejoices in kindness




Moving Forward


An empty canvas before me
the future no longer has a face or a name
I'm spreading my dreams like paint
on a fresh slate
Wanting to create
Something new
Wishing things to be different
this time
Bigger Better Brighter
this time
Hoping that the beauty I carry
Will follow me where ever
I reside
and with whomever I happen to meet
Praying the momentum of the universe will propel me forward
stronger than the
grips of the black hole that is my past
Praying the force that guides the stars
Is guiding my soul
to an Aurora Borealis
in my life
in my heart
more magnificent and glowing
than anything I have ever before




sunset on the beach



Gratitude is
an eternal pause
to recognize the divine
amidst the mundane

Gratitude is a deep breath for the soul
a softening of the heart
a surrendering of the ego
to all the invisible workings
of a magical universe

Gratitude is our raft
on that great current
that is both us
and carries us
back and forth
between heaven and earth

Gratitude is our connection to spirit
A joyful prayer
A silent mantra
to the only truth the world has ever known
All is Always Well

Gratitude is an invitation to sit at God's table
and celebrate with the Angels
to toast to a blessed life and a peaceful heart
Gratitude is a glimpse into the heart of life itself
a preview of even more beauty and more wonder to come
to be uncovered in every

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