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I started this journal in hopes that my life could help or inspire someone else. Enjoy!


March 2006


green energy soup

Green Energy Soup

Hi, everyone this is kinda exciting; my first " journal entry". Kinda strange starting a raw journal on the web considering I've been raw for a little over four years. It occurred to me before but since I'm a private person I thought it would be best not to expose myself in that way. Not to mention the fact that I didn't really think my life was all that exciting on a day to day basis. I'm raw, but not perfect of course, so I didn't really think I could be an inspiration to others. Well I still don't think my life is all that entertaining but well I had an experience that changed my mind about the whole journal on the web thing. It was in the middle of the night and I couldn't go to sleep because of a bladder infection and I was praying to God to help me. (I have my best conservations with God in the middle of the night and when I'm desperate.) Anyways I had a clear message from God that said I needed to hang in there because I was to help many people and one of the ways I was to do this was by having an online journal. The message was as clear as day and when God gives me a message that clear, I listen. I'm not sure exactly how my journal will help others but I know that I'm striving "To find and use my passion and joy for the service and benefit of myself and others." This is my life's mission statement and everyday is an expression of the preparation or fulfillment of this mission. Hopefully, by trying to live an authentic life I will somehow encourage other's to do the same. I hope you'll join me on this journey and find the flame that lights your joy and passion as well.


The Prayer of Saint Francis


"O Lord, make me an instrument of Thy Peace!
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is discord, harmony;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light, and
Where there is sorrow, joy.
Oh Divine Master, grant that I may not
so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand; to be loved
as to love; for it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life."

Speaking of passions, making and eating raw food, of course, is one of them. Lately what I've been hooked on is my version of Anne Wigmore's energy soup. I find it easy to make, easy to digest, grounding, energizing, and of course delicious. It's my kind of recipe because it can be tailored to your needs, tastes, wants . . (etc.) I really have to thank my friend from the Anne Wigmore Institute for getting me hooked on amazing energy soup. It makes a great lunch because you can make it the night before and take it with you to work. If you're on a fruit restricted diet it can make a good breakfast.  You can even take it in a thermo and drink it if you're on the go. It's an easy way to get your greens and you know you're digesting the nutrients in the greens because they're blended for you. I usually add a lot on top of the soup and eat it sort of like a soup/salad if you know what I mean. The extra greens really fill me up. God Bless Ann!



Relaxation Exercise
Repeat silently to yourself

My right arm is getting / limp and warm 6–8 times

My right arm is getting / warmer and warmer 6–8 times

My right arm / is completely warm 6–8 times

I feel / supremely calm 1 time

*Repeat on left arm

This week I just reserved my plane tickets to see John of God in Atlanta. I can't tell you how excited I am. He is a renowned healer/medium from Brazil who will be visiting the states for a few days. Lately I've been getting the message from God, yes her/him again, that I need to continue to do healing work. I also had a dream that John of God told me to come and see him. The dream was as clear as day. After the dream I knew I was going and right now I'm just working out all the details. I feel so strongly about this trip that it's giving me a sense of purpose and a feeling of looking forward to something that I haven't felt in a long time. I know it will be a life changing experience. I'm meditating everyday to prepare myself, which is I goal I always had for myself anyways. Currently I'm giving free healings at a by donation healing clinic in Cotati, CA. (For more info about the clinic please go to www.spiritgold.com/clinic.html) I come late because I have class beforehand but I have time to do at least one healing. I do hands on subtle energy healing and some gentle massage, all with the intention of love and healing. I have gotten so much positive feedback from the clinic and I usually leave feeling energized. I truly believe that St. Francis of Assisi was right when he said that, For it is in giving that we receive. So many times I get caught up in my problems, my worries, . . .me me me. When giving to someone else I find that I get out of the self obsession mode and am able to be in the present moment. What a tremendous gift.


I'm learning that meditating and listening to and feeling your body sensations can also get you in the present moment. A Feldenkris teacher said something like, if you can sense your butt you're not in your head, thoughts, or worries anymore. I guess enlightenment can be as easy as sensing and feeling your butt! LOL! My friend made me laugh the other day by putting on her Calendar VFM. Her son asked what VFM standed for and she replied, "Vacation from myself!" I'm sure everyone can relate to that. I know there are times I just want t a break from my thoughts, worries . . (etc.) I guess what I'm really wanting is a a vacation from my mind! I think a vacation from your mind might even beat Hawaii! Anyways, I'm a slow learner but I'm starting to learn to relax. I'm even taking a class about it at the University. The other class we did this really cool exercise where we each held a thermometer in between our thumb and forefinger. Then our partner read us a relaxation exercise. After the exercise we looked at out thermometers and realized that we had raised our temperature by quite a bit. I was able to raise my temperature by 10 degrees. This just shows that when we relax our blood vessels relax and more blood is able to flow freely throughout our body. We also watched a show about Tibetan monks who had so much control they were able to heat a wet towel with their bodies in the middle of a cold winter day. The temperature exercise was a great reminder that we have so much more control over our bodies than we think. I think this is the key to healing, to learn how to relax so that our bodies can get out of the fight or flight mode and have the energy for healing. Plus relaxing feels great anyhow! My goal this year is to master the art of relaxation! Actually, I have mastered it, maybe I just need to master making the time for it:)


Okay well, I guess I rambled enough for now. It's time for bed, as tomorrow is my chore day. Also known as a fun day where I catch up with my friends on the telephone all the while scrubbing the bathroom clean! Until next time, I wish you peace and a VFY (A vacation from yourself!)


Much Love, C


March 2006 continued . . .


raw tacos

Baja Tacos at Naked Apples in Laguna Beach

Wow this month has been crazy. I've been traveling for about 3 fourths of it! A lot to catch you up on! My journey started with my cousin's wedding in beautiful Avon, Colorado. It was snowing but not to cold and the view of the mountains and the trees covered in snow was picturesque. What a beautiful place to have a wedding. It was a simple yet elegant ceremony and it was one of those weddings where you could see the the love and adoration in the couples eyes. I'm really happy for them and wish them only the best. The best part however was getting to see my family. My sister flew in from Chicago and my sister, my brother, my partner and I, and my dad and step mom all stayed in the same hotel suite! My sister dressed to the nines, and my dad commented, "She's from a different breed!" She takes after my mom definitely, I think I missed out on the fashion gene. My sister helped me out by surprising me with an outfit to wear as an early birthday present. Once a big sister always a big sister I guess. What a sweetie.


For the reception I asked my cousin in advance to have the kitchen prepare us a big raw salad with no dressing. Then I snuck in a lemon, an avocado, some herbs, and Dulse seaweed in my purse. My partner and I made a great salad together. I even brought a bottle of Kombucha with me so I could toast with people! I 'm like a raw super hero; I'm always prepared and never let my eating habits interfere with anything I want to do or anywhere I want to go. It takes some extra planning at first but now it's second nature.


raw spring rolls

7 orders of the spring rolls at Au Lac.

We had a big group but I probably

could've eaten them all by myself:)

It was only my second time ever in snow. Yes I know I'm a California girl (Like Totally!). It was fun and even better was that we discovered there was a raw food festival going on in a Coop in Boulder! Bridgette Mars was there and there were other speakers and raw food demos. They even had a raw pie contest and it all ended in a raw potluck! My partner even got up and showed people how to open a young coconut. After the potluck we watched a Juliano video. Even when we travel it seems like the raw food community follows us! Props for the Coop for organizing the Raw Food Festival what a great ideal! Baja Tacos at Naked Apples in Laguna Beach So I was back for about one day and then my partner and I and his parents flew off to the O.C. (Orange County) for the Natural Products Expo West. Almost anybody who is anybody in the natural product's world is there including many raw companies. David Wolfe and Nature's first law was there and also some new and lesser known raw food companies. I was impressed especially with the raw company Goraw. Their buckwheat granola was fab. It's so great that there are more raw food companies everyday. The latest buzz in raw food land is that there is going to be a raw food documentary about a group of people who heal themselves of diabetes on raw foods! The website is www.rawfor30days.com you can even check out the trailer on the website. So many exciting things are happening right now for raw foods it's so great to be a part of it! .


And now for the food. As some of you might already know the L.A. area is a hot spot for raw food restaurants. The first night there we ate at Naked Apples a new raw cafe and store in Laguna Beach. We know one of the owners and she is a sweetheart who definitely has a flare for raw food preparation. The seating area is outside so it's great atmosphere. I highly recommend this place. Another one of my preferred raw food restaurants is Au Lac in Fountain Valley It's Asian style raw food and the flavor combinations are like nothing you've ever tasted. They also serve cooked vegan Korean food so it's a great place to take your raw or cooked friends. After eating there about 6 times I have figured out what my favorite dishes are. Consider this privy information :) Okay my favorite appetizer is the spring rolls. The dipping sauce is amazing I think it has ginger and mint. My favorite salad is the salad song. It's a watercress based salad with a mustard dressing. My favorite main dishes are the creamy chow mein and the green pyramid which is a a wild rice dish. Technically the wild rice is not raw because it's been parched at 300 degrees before it even reaches the store, but hey eating it once or twice a year doesn't worry me very much!.


green pyramid wild rice

The green pyramid wild rice

dish at Au Lac.

Almost too beautiful to eat.

Almost that is.

Before I forget, after getting home from L.A. I flew out to Georgia to see the well known Brazilian healer John of God It was a spiritual journey that I was looking forward to for awhile. I was actually a volunteer at the event. It was my job to meditate and to keep the energy high so John of God could do his work. Being in that wonderful healing energy was a blessing. I prayed and meditated for about 6-7 hours each day. Emotionally and physically it was tough on the body. A lot of emotions came up for me. The last meditation session I cried the whole way through it. But now that I am home I can appreciate what I learned and what I felt at the event. I feel a stronger connection to God and I realize even more now how pent up emotions can affect your physical health. During the meditation sessions I was forced to sit with my emotions and it wasn't easy. When I cried I could feel my whole body shake as if the emotion was leaving me through my spine.


I still have some work to do when it comes to releasing pent up emotions but it was definitely a good start. At the Georgia event I got taste of what it's like to be totally connected to the healing energy of God. Now I would love to go to Brazil more that ever. I recommend going to see John of God to anyone. But also remember that he uses the healing energy of God and all of us can connect to that energy at anytime; all we have to do is be still and open our hearts to receive it. I send many healing blessing to you. -C


P.S. I bought this C.D. by a Brazilian Musician and it's called Francisco De Assisi by Marcos Viana. It's so beautiful. It's prayers and Catholic style chants set to gorgeous classical/relaxation music. They use is it at the the healing center in Brazil. I fall asleep to it almost every night now and you can buy it by clicking the link above.


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