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Hollywood and Santa Monica 2009

David Wolfe and I at Erewhon

David Wolfe and I at Erewhon Market in Hollywood, having the best day ever!

Erewhon Natural Foods Market

Erewhon Market in Hollywood is a Raw Food Mecca!

Raw Salad Dressings at Erewhon

They have so much raw food prepared food it is ridiculous! Here is a whole row of raw food salad dressings.

Raw Cultured Vegetables

They have all kinds of stuff that you can't get it Northern California! This was a delicious blend of cultured vegetables.

David Wolfe Book Signing at Erewhon

David Wolfe just happened to be speaking, I bought his new book Super Foods, it is really informative and useful.

Raw Cane Juice

At Erewhon and the farmer's market they have fresh pressed local sugar cane juice from San Diego. It was my favorite.

Raw Truffles

More prepared raw food at Erewhon, I think these are chocolate truffles.

Darrel and I drinking green juice

Darrell and I are having our morning green juice at Erewhon with a shot of E3-live.

farmer's market clock

Farmer's market near the Grove in Hollywood, a cool international food market.

downtown hollywood farmer's market

Downtown Farmer's Market in Hollywood. One of my favorites.


piccking out beets at te market

Downtown Farmer's Market in Hollywood. It had so much good food; I also spotted some celebrities!

best kimchee ever!

The best vegan natural kim chee on the planet. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to the Hollywood downtown farmer's market.

crate of cherimoyas

Cherimoyas, they look like dinosaur eggs, but they taste amazing.

inside a cherimoya

This is what a Cherimoya looks like inside; it tastes like a pineapple and a pear with a hint of strawberry with a creamy texture.


fountain at the Grove in Hollywood

Beautiful Fountain at The Grove in Hollywood

ocean view hotel room in Santa Monica

The view from our hotel room in Santa Monica.

courtyard fountain in hotel

A fountain in the courtyard of our hotel.

lunch mango, green juice, and coconut kefir

My lunch from Erewhon, coconut water kefir, green juice with E3-live shot, mango, and cherries

bottle of raw cane juice

Raw cane juice at Erewhon with ginger juice and cayenne. It was soooooo good!

planet raw sign

Juliano's Planet Raw Restaurant in Santa Monica. It has landed in my top three favorite raw restaurants

planet raw menu

Juliano's Planet Raw
menu, the prices were reasonable and the food delicious!

seawitch soup

Seawitch Soup at Juliano's Planet Raw.

raw thai wraps

Thai Wraps at Juliano's Planet Raw, probably one of the most delicious things I have ever put in my mouth!

raw lasagna

Juliano's Planet Raw
Lasagna, my sweetheart loved it!

thai salad

Juliano's Planet Raw
Thai Salad, the raw Lotus Root was delicious.

honey gingerale

Dr. Tima's Honey Gingerale, a good for you soda!

raw cinnamon roll

Juliano's Planet Raw
cinnamon roll to go, we were so full we couldn't eat it there!

Rawvolution sign

Euphoria loves Rawvolution Raw Restaurant
in Santa Monica. Cool cafe style place owned by raw chef, Matt Amsden

beautiful painting at Rawvolution

Cool painting at Rawvolution

raw mock tuna wraps

Mock Tuna Wraps from Euphoria loves Rawvolution Raw Restaurant, It tasted exactly like tuna, it was crazy!

raw hummus plate

Hummus plate from Euphoria loves Rawvolution Raw Restaurant; it was huge!

raw taco salad

Raw Taco Salad from Euphoria loves Rawvolution Raw Restaurant.

raw brownie

Raw Brownie from Euphoria loves Rawvolution Raw Restaurant

raw food at Whole Foods Santa Monica

L.A. area has prepared raw food everywhere! This was a refrigerator case at a Whole Foods in Santa Monica.


Beautiful picture at the Oakland Airport! I didn't want to go home:)



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