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raw tacos
Tasty Tacos
I used a walnut/tomato pate
and jazzed it up with
some Mexican spices.
raw lasagnas
Individual Lasagnas
I Mandoline Sliced Daikon Radishes to make the noodles.

raw stuffed peppers
 Stuffed Bell Peppers
These Bell Peppers are
stuffed with shredded zucchini,
avocado, and fresh herbs.
raw mediterranean salad
Mediterranean Salad
I use garlic and parsley
In my "green goddess" dressing.

raw tacos
Light Summer Tacos
These tacos are filled with
a cucumber avocado salsa
and a minty mango sauce.
raw vegetable carpaccio
Vegetable Carpaccio
Thinly sliced vegetables with mandoline, including fennel,
are drizzled with a creamy mint dressing.

raw veggie fries
Veggie Fries
Jicama and Bell Pepper are dipped into a Macadamia Nut "Nacho Cheese" sauce.
raw easy pizzas
Easy Pizza
Dehydrated Eggplant is used as the crust for my version of raw pizza.
raw asian style noodles
Asian Style Noodles
The cucumber noodles are topped with a mango sweet and spicy sauce.


Isn't it amazing how beautiful raw food can be? The wonderful thing about most of these recipes is that they are simple to make and they taste great! I hope these pictures inspire you to get creative in the kitchen and I'm always here if you need more guidance!


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Happy Creating!



"Imagination is the eye of the soul"
-Joseph Joubert