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Flaked Seaweed


We no longer carry Flaked Seaweed


But we still carry the Sea Vegetable E-Booklet with many Sea Vegetable Recipes!


seaweed The Raw Food Sea Vegetable Recipe E-Booklet with over a dozen raw food sea vegetable recipes. No where else will you find this booklet. Many people are intimidated by using seaweed but the sea vegetable recipe booklet includes super healthy, super green, and super easy sea vegetable recipes. Never has it been easier to get your daily allowance of trace minerals!  You will learn how to make a Sea Vegetable Pate, Wild Weed Wraps, Flaked Seaweed Kale Chips, and much more . . .


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In the Sea Vegetable Recipe Booklet you will learn how to make these recipes and more:


sea veggie pate

Sea Vegetable Pate


wild weed wraps

Wild Weed Wraps

kale chips

Flaked Seaweed Kale Chips
and more!!!


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