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Best Juicer to Buy - How to Choose a Juicer

Top Picks for The Best Juicer to Buy




I get many people asking me, what is the best juicer they should buy. I don't think there is one best juicer that fits everyone's needs. There are many factors including budget and what types of produce you'll be juicing most often. I am fortunate enough to have been juicing for over 10 years so I've been able to try a variety of juicers and I've narrowed it down to my 3 favorite and best types of juicers and my pick for each category. I hope you enjoy this article about the best juicer to buy, and that it helps you decide which juicer is best for you! Also feel free to call me at 1 877 849 3191 M-F 10-5p.m. PST for my expert advice and special pricing.


Omega 4000Centrifugal Ejection


Quick Summary: This juicer is for people on a budget, new to juicing, large families, and those who do not want to juice a lot of leafy greens but prefer to juice soft fruits and hard vegetables. (Think carrots, celery, apple, beets, tomatos, citrus. . .)


These juicers have a really fast rotating blade that instantly shreds your produces and the centrifugal force of the rotating blade ejects the pulp into a container. They are usually the type of juicer that you might see on a late night infomercial.


Pros: The Centrifugal Ejection juicer is usually on the low end of the juicer price range so it is great for those on a budget or those who are just beginning to juice and don't want to make a big investment. It is great for produce that has a large surface area such as hard root vegetables, apples, celery, and most fruit. Because of the fast moving blades you are able to juice pretty quickly and if you put a plastic produce bag in the pulp container, clean-up can be pretty quick as well.


Cons: The Centrifugal Ejection juicer tends to be loud and it doesn't juice leafy greens well.It can be argued that the fast shredding of produce oxidizes the juice more so than other, slower, juicers.


Conclusion: The Centrifugal Ejection Juicer is the best juicer for those on a budget, are looking for an easy to clean juicer, and for those who are not planning on juicing leafy greens much.


My pick for the best juicer to buy in this category is the Omega 4000 I have found it to be a dependable good quality juicer, with good construction, a strong motor, produces a high yield, with fairly easy clean-up, and a 15 year warranty, one of the longest warranties in the industry.


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Single Auger Juicer


omega 8006


Quick Summary: This juicer is for someone who wants a higher quality of juice than from a centrifugal ejection model, plans on juicing mainly greens, wheatgrass, and hard vegetables, and does not plan on juicing many soft fruits. (Think green juice: celery, greens, carrots, beets, wheatgrass, firm apples . . .) This juicer is also a great option for those who do not have a food processor as this juicer can be used as a food processor to mince vegetables and nuts.


Single Auger juicers have one slow rotating horizontal auger that actually crushes produces and squeezes out the juice.


Pros: Single Auger juicers are excellent at juicing leafy greens and even wheatgrass, the crushing motion of the rotating auger gets the best yield from leafy greens and wheatgrass, they also can juice other types of produce such as hard root vegetables, celery, and apples. They are more quiet than the centrifugal ejection type models and because of their small screen screen size they tend to be the easiest to clean of all the juicer types. Also, unlike the centrifugal ejection type juicers, they can also make nut pates out of soaked nuts and seeds and they can make frozen sorbets out of a wide variety of frozen fruits.


Cons: They juice more slowly than the centrifugal ejection types and because of the horizontal auger they tend to take up more counter space than other types of juicers. Although they do greens and wheatgrass wonderfully, they aren't made to do a lot of soft fruits.


Conclusion:The Single Auger juicer is the best juicer to buy for those who are planning on juicing a lot of vegetables, greens, and wheatgrass and want a really easy to clean and assemble juicer.


My pick for the best juicer to buy in this category is the Omega 8004/8006 (the 8004 is white and the 8006 is chrome). Omega is a long time trusted juicer company and the Omega 8004/8006 is one of the easiest to clean juicers I have used so far and it has a Heavy Duty GE Ultem Auger which is 8 times stronger than other single gear augers which will come in handy if you plan on heavy juicing.


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Upright Style "Slow" Juicer


omega vert 350


Quick Summary: If budget is not an issue, this juicer is for everyone.(Although I own all the juicers mentioned in this article, it is my personal favorite.) It is the most versatile juicer on the market as it will juice any type of produce from your softest fruits to your hardest vegetables and any type of leafy green.


The upright style juicer is a new style of juicer that uses a single auger model except for that the auger is larger and thicker and is turned upright. While single auger juicers have an auger that lays horizontally, the upright style juicer's auger stands upright. Just like the single auger style juicer, the upright (sometimes called vertical juicer) uses an auger to crush the produce and extract the juice.


Pros: The upright style juicer has many of the pros of the single auger juicer and it is the only type of juicer that can easily juice both firm vegetables and soft fruit, leafy greens, and wheatgrass! You do not need to constantly push the produce into the juicer, the upright style juicer pulls the produce in with minimal effort. It's upright design also takes up less kitchen counter space.


Cons: The upright style juicer does have a larger screen to clean as compared to a single auger juicer but clean up is still pretty quick as long as you run water through the juicer before dissasembling. It is also recommended that you buy a separate strainer to strain your juice (you can also use a nutmilk bag) as the juice contains a bit of pulp.


Conclusion: The upright style juicer is the most versatile type of juicer on the market today because there is no limit to what type of produce you can juice and is the best juicer to buy for those who are juicing a variety of produce such as soft fruit, hard vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass.


My pick for my the best juicer to buy in this category is the Omega Vert HD 350. Omega is a long time trusted juicer company with a full 10 year warranty on the Omega Vert HD 350.


They also carry the Omega Vert 330 HD. The only difference between the Omega Vert HD 350 and the Omega Vert 330 HD is that the 350 HD is black and silver and the 330 HD model is white.


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Hope this clarified a things a bit for you, feel free to call me 1 877 849 3191 M-F 10-5p.m. PST if you need more information about any of the juicers I mentioned or watch the videos below.


It is also important to mention that the Omega Juicer Company has been around for 25 years, they have long warranties, and excellent customer service. If a part breaks under warranty, simply e-mail them the picture of the part, and they will send you a new one.


Omega Vert 350 HD and Omega 8006 videos. For more juicing videos see Raw Glow's Youtube Channel.



Omega Vert 350 HD in Action



The Omega 8006 in Action




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