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Eastern Caribbean Easy Cruise 2006

St. Lucia, Barbados, St. Vincent, Martinique, Bequia, Greneda



The Fruit and Vegetable Market in Martinique. The selection was great; too bad Martinique is on the Euro! I had a fruit I never had before called the golden apple or Jew pear. Not like a pear or an apple but more like a sweet and juicy star fruit that looks like a green pear shaped mango. The flesh inside was mango colored.


Me in utter heaven drinking fresh coconut water in Martinique. A little sixty year old woman cut it open with a Machete. Opening coconuts all day must keep her strong. God bless her.



One of the best pictures I've ever taken. (If I don't say so myself) It's in the tropical rainforest in Martinique. Reminds me of what I imagine Eden to look like. Nearby we found these little ferns that open and close when you touch them, just like in the Exploratorium in S.F. I was beside myself with joy! We even made a mini video with the camera to document my excitement!




Young coconuts still on the vine. They look much different than the husked brown ones you see at the store, don't they?



Old coconuts we found at a beach in Barbados that my friend husked and opened with his bare hands and a rock!



Again, me in utter heaven eating the young sweet jelly like flesh from the young coconuts. This was in St. Lucia where the coconuts were about 50 cents U.S. each and if you gave him a jug he would fill it with coco water for about 4 U.S.

It was the best Coconut stand in all the Caribbean! The last day we bought 22 coconuts for about $10 U.S.  (We saved some of the water and meat for later.) The man at the stand gave us a good deal and didn't look at us weird for buying so many! What a great guy, hope to visit him again!


Me trying to husk a coconut with a rock. I gave it my best shot but I only lasted a few minutes until I gave up. My friend is a coconut champ! Able to husk and open a coconut with his bare hands and a rock in the record time of 7 minutes! Just like our ancestors!


A garden of coconut sprouts that my partner came across while hiking. For those of you who know what a coconut sprout is and tastes like, this is like looking at a field of diamonds! For those of you that don't know what a coconut sprout is, look to your right.



Behold the magnificent coconut sprout that has won out Eggfruit as my new ultimate favorite food. The thing coming out from the coconut is the food that the coconut uses to grow it's sprout. It has a spongy like consistency and to me it tastes like sweet coconut flavored Angel Food Cake! In Hawaii it's called Queen's Candy and is considered a delicacy. It is rare to find, yet my friend was able to husk about 20 and shared them generously with me! I felt like the luckiest girl alive.



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