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Raw Food Arthritis Testimonial


I’m so lucky that once in awhile someone will send me a testimonial about how raw foods has positively affected their lives. I believe that testimonials are the number one reason that people get motivated to try raw foods. The my story page on my website is one of my website’s most popular pages. Until the scientific community catches up to what we already know about raw foods we have personal testimonials to give us the “proof” we need!

I was hoping that by posting this testimonial it would encourage others to try raw foods who are suffering from arthritis. I received this testimonial a few days ago.

“I have been 100% raw for five weeks since my arthritis diagnosis on May 21st. When I was diagnosed I had pretty much constant pain while sitting or moving. Now, during normal-daily activities I have about a few minutes, total, of intermittent pain in my – formerly! – arthritic joint. (That is precisely a 99.9946 % reduction.) I’ve started running, and maybe 2 or 3 times a week while running I get a little stiffness. But the intensity and frequency of the stiffness are both decreasing!

 In addition, I have not taken Excedrin since May 29th. My headaches have gradually diminished. I had a small one at the beginning of this week. I have taken Excedrin about 3/4 of the days of my adult life. My best guess is that 1/3 of those days I would need to get up in the morning, eat quickly, take Excedrins, and sit in my chair for an hour before I could start my day. (I started crying as I typed this. I am just now realizing the impact of what is happening – this relief is overwhelming!) I’ve had periods where I needed to take 12 Excedrins and 6 codeine pills in a day just to keep from screaming with pain. I did this for a three month period some years ago. In recent months (prior to rawin’ it) I have had a headache almost every night all night long. Raw foods are becoming a Lifestyle, not a diet.”
–         R.N. California

Hope this gives you some inspiration!

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July 8, 2009   3 Comments