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Green Smoothie Tips – Avoiding Diasters

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green smoothie tips

After twelve years of making green smoothies I have a few tips to share to help you avoid disgusting tasting smoothies. Hope you enjoy these green smoothie tips and I hope they encourage you to make more delicious and nutritious green smoothies in the near future!

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Green Smoothie Tip#1 Avoid or Minimize Strong Tasting Greens

We’ve all had this experience where we enthusiastically make a green smoothie only to taste it and be let down because of its pungent flavor. Here are some tips on how you can keep your green smoothies tasting divine!

The type of greens you are using can affect the taste of your smoothie. I personally love: parsley, spinach, romaine, lettuce, kale, collards, mache, lamb’s quarters, nettles, miners lettuce, purslane and or chard in my green smoothies.

Cilantro, dandelion greens, mustard greens, arugula, cabbage, and bok choy I only use in small quantities because of their strong flavor. However, sometimes you might need to adjust the fruit to greens ration. Which leads us to tip #2.

green smoothie tips

Green Smoothie Tip#2 Find the Right Balance

The recommended ratio of fruits to greens in a green smoothie is about 60% fruit to 40% greens by volume. It usually works out perfectly, but sometimes the greens you are using might be especially strong tasting and you might need to adjust the ratio of fruits to greens.

If your green smoothie tastes too “green” (bitter) simply add a bit more sweet fruit such as a banana, a cup of chopped mango, or a handful of ripe figs.

Or if you don’t want to add more fruit, you can add a bit of white stevia powder which is a non-caloric sweetener made from the stevia herb. One to two pinches should do the trick to make your smoothie palatable again.

If your green smoothie is too sweet, simply add the juice of a lime or lemon. You can even peel the lime or lemon and use the whole fruit. A cup of sour berries such as raspberries might also do the trick.

Green Smoothie Tip#3 Add Some Spice

You can try adding spices or fresh herbs to your smoothies such as basil, mint, lemon balm, lemon verbana, cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg, ginger, carob, and or vanilla to add flavor. You don’t need much spice for a big impact; a little will go along way.

Green Smoothie Tip#4 Boost the Nutrition

Some people enjoy just the simple combination of fruits and greens in a green smoothie, but you might want to boost the calories and nutrition of your smoothie creations. If you are looking to add calories and extra nutrition here are some smoothie boosters you can add to any type of smoothie:

young coconut meat, avocado, coconut milk, coconut kefir or yogurt, flax seeds, spirulina powder, e-3 live blue-green algae, uncooked oats, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almond butter, tahini butter, dried goji berries, cooked quinoa, cooked rice, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, and walnuts to name a few.

Green Smoothie Tip#5 Use the Right Equipment

If you really want a smooth and creamy green smoothie you really need the right equipment. Although you can still make a smoothie in a regular blender, you won’t get the same velvety consistency from a high-speed blender such as the Vitamix. The Vitamix blender is my absolutely favorite blender to reach green smoothie heaven! For more info on the Vitamix blender you can click here.

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1 Anna { 05.07.15 at 5:20 pm }

Hi Cecilia,

Great blog post, I wish I would have read your green smoothie tips before I started making them:) I am relatively new to the raw food lifestyle, still trying to figure out what is best for my body. OMG what a journey it has been! After spending months finding the best kitchen tools toys for my new lifestyle I could not get home fast enough with my brand new slow juicer and blender. I felt like a child again and was determined to juice everything I could find in my fridge. Kale, dandelion, celery, potato, garlic, parsley, cucumber, just to name a few all ended up in the juicer. Then, I blended the juices with even more herbs and greens. I was worried about adding to much fruits to my juice because of the fructose, therefore I entirely banned beetroots, carrots and apples. As you can imagine, my frenzy hard work has led to some surprising and unusual combinations that can only be described as disgusting weird. You blog is very practical and gives raw foodies a number of inexpensive options how to make delicious smoothies without compromising on nutrition.

Thanks again for sharing!

Anna (aka Funberry)

2 Cecilia { 01.09.16 at 12:37 pm }

Hi Anna,

I have never eaten raw potato – not sure I would recommend it. I tend to blend or juice 1-4 items at a time. The base can be cucumber if you want to avoid sweet fruits and starchy vegetables. You can add a little granny smith apple for a touch of sweetness. Spinach is a terrific green to blend or juice. Glad you stopped by!

Best Wishes,

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