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Holiday Stress Tips

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Holiday Stress Tips

The holidays can be a magical time and they can also be a stressful time. Here are my best holiday stress tips!

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  • Holiday Stress Tip 1: Recognize your priorities. Focus on what matters most to you this holiday season and get rid of the unnecessary superficial activities that only cause you stress. Use this simple journal exercise to get clear on your priorities this holiday season.
  • Holiday Stress Tip 2: Avoid the mall. Opt for shopping at small craft fairs, mom and pop shops, and online. Here is a list of all my favorite places to shop online.
  • Holiday Stress Tip 3: Simplify food prep. Simplify your recipes. Do a lot of your food prep a few days before your celebration. Let semi-homemade be acceptable once and awhile. Consider making it a potluck, so all the stress is not on one person. Even going out to eat can be a fun way to switch it up!
  • Holiday Stress Tip 4: Simplify clean up. Use fancy paper plates and cups for a quicker clean-up. Recruit your family and friends to help clean up too!
  • Holiday Stress Tip 5: Let everyone be right. Instead of arguing with family members about differences of opinion, entertain the thought that you can be right without making anyone else be wrong. Try to to find other people “right” by imagining that in their point of view they are right. Instead of confronting them head on, try to validate their point of view first, and this will usually diffuse a tension filled discussion or situation.
  • Holiday Stress Tip 6: Honor your need for introspection. Even though the holiday season is filled with parties, it is still important to acknowledge your need for alone time. The colder weather draws our bodies indoors and also draws our attention inside as well. Let yourself be introspective without being melancholy by journaling, taking long baths, or reading a good book in bed.
  • Holiday Stress Tip 7: Meditate. Meditation is a great way to de-stress and only takes minutes a day. You can simply take some time out during your busy day to focus your attention on your breath or do more structured guided meditations. Either way, meditation is a great tool for staying centered and keeping stress at bay.
  • Holiday Stress Tip 8: Fall in love with aromatherapy. Certain aromas can have a profound affect on our mental states. There are so many fragrant essential oils that can help to reduce stress. Some of my favorites are lavender, sweet orange, chamomile, bergamont, ylang ylang, and rosemary. I like to get my essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs. My favorite way to use essential oils is with a diffuser so that the calming scents fill the entire house!
  • Holiday Stress Tip 9: Keep up with your self care. Even though the holidays can be a busier time than most, don’t neglect to get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, exercise, and drink enough water. The happier and healthier you are, the less grumpy you will be, and the more energy and holiday cheer you will have for others!

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1 Neeta { 12.20.14 at 10:48 am }

Hello Cecilia,
It’s with immense gratitude and pleasure that I read every words on how could we avoid uneccesary stress during this festive mood. I know that someone,far yet so close,care for me, for dear ones.
I feel lucky to know you, and I say it loud, “It really counts to me”!!!
Thank you,
Happy Holidays

2 Cecilia { 01.03.15 at 12:06 pm }

Thank you Neeta! You are too sweet. Hope you are having a wonderful new year!

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