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Raw Food Snacks – 2 Easy Recipes

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If there is one thing I’ve noticed about people who have conquered the raw foods (or healthy whole foods) lifestyle is that they always have raw food and other healthy snacks ready and available wherever they go and whatever they do.

The number one enemy of anyone’s healthy food plan, is hunger! Hunger is your body’s signal for survival, and when your body is hungry your brain will convince you to eat whatever is right in front of you, preferably whatever has the most calories!

Hope you enjoy these 2 easy raw food snack recipes to keep the hunger tiger at bay.

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raw food snacks collard wraps

Tahini Collard Wraps

A low glycemic snack that is easy to make and eat! You can get raw tahini here.

3 tablespoons raw tahini butter
1 tablespoon Miso Master chickpea miso
2-3 large collard leaves
variety of match stick cut raw vegetables
(In the picture above I used radish, apple, red bell pepper, and carrot,
but you can use whatever you have available.)

In a small bowl mix the raw tahini butter and chickpea miso together until you have a smooth paste. Wash and de-stem the collard greens and cut the leaves into 3-4 inch wide strips. Spread the tahini miso paste evenly on the collard green strips, add the match stick veggies, and then roll them up. Makes about 6 small rolls.

raw food snack recipe apple banana sandwiches

Apple Banana Sandwiches

Yummy, gooey, and fun. Great for kids. Get your raw almond butter here.

1 large apple cut into rounds
1 banana sliced
2 tablespoons raw almond butter
2 teaspoons raw honey
sprinkle of cinnamon powder

Slice the apple into rounds and remove the seeds. Spread the almond butter on the apple rounds, top with the sliced banana, drizzle with raw honey, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Eat them open faced or make them into mini “sandwiches”. They are easier to eat when cut into halves or fourths. Enjoy!

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