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Setting Weight Loss Goals Using SMART Goals Criteria

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If you’re anything like me, you have goals for your life that you either think about on a day to day basis or you’ve written them down to remind you of what you want to accomplish.

Last month I attended a life coaching and yoga event by bardo coaching and they had us do a useful exercise where you evaluate your goals and determine if they are SMART. SMART is an acronym that can help you determine whether your goals are worthwhile and achievable. (According to Wikipedia the first known uses of the term occurred in the November 1981 issue of Management Review by George T. Doran.)

SMART Stands For: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound

Can you articulate more clearly what you are trying to do?

How will you know that you attained your goal?
Can you quantify or put numbers to your outcome?

Is this goal realistic?
Are there any things that would prevent you from accomplishing your goal?

Is this goal in accordance with your values?
Will this goal really make a difference in your life?

When will you reach this goal?
How long would it take to create a sustainable habit in this area?

The SMART criteria can be used for any type of goal but today we are going to focus on setting weight loss goals. For example, lets say you have the goal of losing some weight. If we measure the goal of losing weight by the SMART criteria we will need to make some changes to make it a SMART goal.

  • Is the goal of losing weight specific? The answer would be no, we can make it more specific by perhaps changing it: I want to lose ten pounds.
  • Is it measurable? Yes, we can measure weight loss on a scale or perhaps by the size of our clothes.
  • Is it attainable? Yes, losing ten pounds is attainable for most people.
  • Is it relevant? The answer to this question will depend on the individual, but perhaps the goal: I want to healthfully lose ten pounds would make the goal not only more specific, but more in accordance with someone who has health as one of their values as well.
  • Is it time-bound? No. We will need to give a time frame for this goal. How about: I want to healthfully lose ten pounds in two months or by (insert date here).

We have now changed our general goal of wanting to lose weight into a SMART goal: I want to healthfully lose ten pounds in two months.

One of my favorite quotes from Tony Robbins is:

If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.

Now that we have a SMART goal, we can start scheduling in activities into our lives that will help us achieve our weight loss goals such as working out, watching what we eat, positive visualizations, and affirmations . . .(etc.)

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it will help you to clarify your goals. Please do share your comments.



1 Chaz Johnson { 10.10.12 at 4:41 pm }

I love this website… I just have one question? What foods should I eat to get the protein I need, because I only eat raw foods? 

2 Cecilia { 10.10.12 at 7:24 pm }

Hi Chaz – that is a great question I’ll have to devote another blog post to it. For now make sure you are eating a variety of different foods and that you are getting enough calories. You can also search the USDA nutrient database to find the calories and protein content of the foods you consume daily to see if you are getting adequate calories. If you are on a calorie restricted diet there are some concentrated forms of protein you can buy such as spirulina, hemp, or brown rice protein powder to add to smoothies and juices. Here is a free vegan sports nutrition guide that also has some good info:

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