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Changing Lifestyle Habits – What Inspires us to Change?

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One of the things that has intrigued me about human psychology, is how often times we might know what the right thing to do is, but sometimes we do the opposite. For example, how many of us know that refined sugar is bad for us, fried foods, alcohol, or smoking cigarettes; but we still continue to consume them day after day?

Well you might say, people are addicted to substances such as junk food or nicotine and they can’t help it. I would agree with you, especially in cases of severe addiction, but what about the things we don’t do that are good for us such as exercise, meditation, rest . . .(etc.) It can’t be that we are addicted to not exercising or not meditating, right?

You might say, most people don’t have enough information on the benefits of exercising or eating healthy to make an informed decision.  And this might actually be true in some situations, but I have seen too many people go to the raw food expos and the potlucks year after year and I know they have, if anything, an overload of information on the benefits of eating healthfully. Yet, I see them year after year struggle with making healthy choices and positive changes in their lives. Why is this?

And I’m not immune oh no (I wish), I know I should get to bed earlier and exercise more, and not overeat . . .I know the benefits, so why is so hard for me to do the things I know are good for me?

For me personally, I know it is because I don’t make these things a priority. If I made them a priority I would put more energy into making them happen. For example, I recently made it a point to watch a sunset everyday, so I made the extra effort to set an alarm on my phone to remind me. It has worked beautifully and I haven’t missed a sunset since I set the alarm.

This leads me to an observation about human nature. We are easily programmable. This can be a good thing if we are programming ourselves. Like I mentioned earlier, setting an alarm to remind me to watch the sunset everyday has worked like a charm. Setting a routine of preparing healthy food everyday has become a habit I don’t even think about anymore, it has become so ingrained into my life and personality it doesn’t even occur to me to eat junk food . . . but it wasn’t always like that.

Over ten years ago I ate whatever I wanted, which was a combination of Spanish and American Cuisine, and my Mom’s idea of what a healthy diet should look like (think grape nuts cereal, 1% skim milk, chicken with no skin, and a lot of broccoli beef stir frys). I just ate what I was accustomed to eating growing up in my family. I never questioned it, and why would I? Everyone else around me was eating what I was eating and doing fine. Except for, I wasn’t doing fine. I was overweight and had Asthma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Depression . . .

Like I said earlier, humans are easily programmable and this is good if we are programming ourselves, but not always beneficial if we allow society, our families, and our peers to influence all our choices. Many of us are making decisions about our diet and health on auto-pilot without questioning if there is a better way.

It’s like we are trains on a one way track. Do you know how much effort it takes to turn a train around? Quite a bit. Well it’s the same with humans. It takes a lot of effort to change diet and lifestyle habits and most of us will cruise on that one way track until a major event forces us to change direction. We need an impetus big enough to cause us to shut off the auto-pilot and wake up!

For some people, the impetus might be an illness or when someone close to them gets ill. For others, it might be a traumatic event that causes them to realize life is short. It might be that they don’t want to be a burden on their kids or they want to be around for their grand kids. We all have our reasons that inspire us take better care of ourselves!

I’ve observed that most of the time it isn’t just information that shakes up our world. I’ve never had someone write me and tell me that an article or a recipe that I’ve written inspired them to change their diet. It is always 100% of the time “my story” that touched them.

It’s usually something deeply personal that inspires us. Reading a story or meeting someone who has overcame the same obstacles we are going through can sometimes give us enough hope and enough push for us to prioritize getting healthy and reprogram ourselves.

I hope that you are able to take the time to think about the reasons that inspire you to take better care of yourself and if you need some extra inspiration from the stories of actual people that have changed their eating habits for the better I recommend the e-book “What do Raw Fooders Eat?” available again for this week only.

As I mentioned above, putting a face on the “nutritional facts” can be very powerful. And that is what I feel Nomi Shannon has done with her groundbreaking e-book “What Do Raw Fooders Eat?”. Not only do you get the daily recipes from 48 raw foodists, but most importantly, you get their stories. What inspired them to change? And what are the benefits they received from making the extra effort to eat healthfully?  This e-book might just be the little boost you need to turn your “train” around:)

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P.S. What is your reason to take better care of yourself? Please comment in the comments section below.


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2 Merribethrush { 08.16.11 at 8:28 pm }

The most difficult part of changing eating habits is the social aspect of food.  My husband will not even come close to changing his eating habits even though he has severe health issues.  I feel that I am on the brink of serious health issues ( I already have osteoporosis) but I still need to prepare meals for my husband and it gets difficult to cook for him and prepare raw for me.  Also I enjoy meeting friends for lunch or dinner. I feel as though I nedt become a hermit in order to eat properly.  I appreciate your blog and the inormation that your web site provides

3 Cecilia { 08.16.11 at 10:06 pm }

Hi Merribethrush,

Yes, the social aspect is a key component. I encourage everyone to seek out raw or vegetarian potlucks and start meeting like minded supportive people. Unfortunately we can’t change people, we can only set a good example. Best of luck to you!

4 Kat ( { 08.16.11 at 10:46 pm }

Unfortunately for me the only thing that finally got me to change my bad habits was getting really sick and having my digestive system break down. I was diagnosed with gluten an lactose intolerances. I stuck to a very strict and limited diet for 6 months before getting better, but in this time I “saw the light” and started exploring wholesome and nutritious food alternatives like agave syrup instead of sugar, vegan food and raw food! This then inspired quite a few people around me to improve their habits too, i think the biggest point is to listen to our bodies – my body screamed at me in the end because I ha been ignoring the signs for years.

5 Cecilia { 08.16.11 at 11:03 pm }

Hi Kat,

Yes, our bodies don’t lie do they? I’m glad you are doing better and thanks for sharing your story.
~ Cecilia

6 Marie { 08.17.11 at 2:35 pm }

After being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 5 years ago, I improved my heath through diet and Bikram Yoga.  I have gone back to my prior way over time as my symptoms became manageable.  I feel the slide coming and I want to avoid feeling bad and, very importantly, actually feel good, not just ok.  I want to wake up and feel refreshed, not tired.  I want to feel awake all day (without stimulants, which don’t actually make me feel awake anyway, just keep my eyes open).  I want to sleep soundly all night and stop waking up at 3 am.  I am trying hard to transition to a raw diet, which is something i have not done before.

7 Anonymous { 08.17.11 at 3:26 pm }

I am a lifelong eater of unhealthy foods, I’m 41 and because of constant hard work (I’m a tradesman) I never gain weight; therefore, I never saw a reason to change anything- until 4 yrs ago when I began getting nightmarish Staph infections all over my lower body- these gave way to internal MRSA and no doctor could make the infection go away- I took Bactrim, Cleocin, etc. and they would just make me sick.  I read a book by Michelle Moore called MRSA Revealed, and it directed me to eliminate all refined sugars, minimize or eliminate meat, and eat primarily raw foods- as well as raw, plant-based vitamins and superfoods.  I have never felt better in my entire life after only 2 months of doing this, and I no longer miss the old ways.  It feels actually kind of awesome being a “food rebel”, it matches the rest of my personality!  And, the Staph has not come back (I guess due to not having chronic acidity in my body anymore)!! 
Now I frequent all the “weirdos” websites, getting recipes, tips, etc.  I just saw “Foodmatters” which features David Wolfe, and he is very informed. (Admittedly, I am NOT into the New Agey aspect to healthy living- the whole Christ Consciousness thing, Mother Earth, blah blah.)
The crap that the mass public is eating is truly poisonous, and there is much evidence this is done by design.  The global elite does not want the masses to be healthy and informed.
Thank you for this website, Cecilia!  (You know, the mainstream considers you a terrorist!)  You all saw what just happened to Rawesome Foods in CA.  Be careful out there, people!

8 Lisa { 08.17.11 at 5:29 pm }

What a great and profound article.  So true about programming and habit forming.

9 Cecilia { 08.17.11 at 8:58 pm }

Hi Lisa, thank you, although I don’t like to admit it, we are creatures of habit aren’t we?

10 Cecilia { 08.17.11 at 9:01 pm }

Hi Marie,
Thank you for sharing your story of how Bikram Yoga helped you, very inspirational. You have very strong reasons to want to feel better which I know will push you to be successful.
Best of Luck,

11 Cecilia { 08.17.11 at 9:16 pm }

Hi Magnified,
Thanks for sharing your story, very inspirational.

Yes admittedly most of us vegan raw foodies are rebels. We don’t care what others think and we love doing our own thing. I’ve been like that since I was a child although I manage to blend into the mainstream pretty well, kinda like I’m undercover! 🙂

The neat thing about raw foods is that it’s just food and it’s for anyone who wants to try it whatever their religion, belief system, nationality, or political views are. I’ve seen people from all walks of life embrace it and that is very encouraging! I say the more the better:)

Thanks for stopping by and best of luck to you,

12 Cynthia { 08.17.11 at 2:22 pm }

Thank you for this article. I can really relate to it. I often think about what makes myself or others not make positive lifestyle changes, especially when the information is out there or here! I’m grateful that I continue to make those positive changes but I hope to influence others to do the same. I only want and hope for the best for everyone but I’m not sure how to do that. Some feedback would be much appreciated as far as that is concerned. Thanks again!

13 Dawn { 08.19.11 at 3:58 am }

I never really realized that I felt so “crappy” until I went to a week long detox for body, mind and spirit out in San Diego.  Our diet was 100% organic raw with only veggies, detoxifying fruit and seeds. (no nuts for detox) The little aches, pains and stomach bloating that I thought was normal went away and I realized I didn’t have to live with it any longer. It was very easy to be raw when all of your food is provided. When I got home it became a bit more of a challenge especially with trying to provide meals for my family.  

14 Cecilia { 08.19.11 at 5:20 am }

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for sharing. Were you at Optimum Health Institute? Have heard great things about that place, can’t wait to go.

Best Wishes,

15 Shevonne { 08.19.11 at 8:18 am }

inspiration is my husband. He got sick 3.5 years ago with ME/CFS, was out of
work all of last year because the illness took him to a check point when he couldn’t
even walk down the road to the local bus stop without collapsing. This unforeseen
condition totally devastated us, even a few years down the line, we’re still
learning how to live with it and manage it, but I can honestly say that we’re slowly
rebuilding our lives and it started with eating more healthily. We are now
about 45% raw, this has made a real difference to both of us. We both hope to
gradually improve this way of life over time and in the meantime, press on with
trying to achieve our goals as we haven’t given up on our dreams of having a
family of our own one day and I am determined to make raw food a permanent
place in our lives. Like most things done properly, I believe that the regenerating
effects of raw energy and healing will take time. The biggest challenges for me
are external factors which I can’t do much about, but eating more raw food is
something I can do.

you Celia for all the emails, newsletters and recipe ideas you send, it helps
people like me on the other side of the wold to feel more inspired and motivated.
Shevonne, UK

16 Cecilia { 08.19.11 at 2:15 pm }

Hi Shevonne,

Thank you for sharing your story. I know just how devastating CFS can be. I couldn’t work for a few years and I am still paying off the debt from that time period! 🙁

You are right, healing does take time, but your patience and dedication will pay off. Your husband is very lucky to have you. Best of luck to you!

~ Cecilia

17 Glorious Temple { 11.15.11 at 1:56 am }

Back in 1978 I loved myself with food.  Hated my self image and my weight bothered my husband as much as it did me.  He married me for my looks mostly (high school sweetheart) and after childbirth I began to put on weight.  My firstborn were stillborn twins… so I was depressed but unaware of how much so, while in that state of being.  I became more aware of this via:
A Divine Encounter…  After this life changing experience, I wanted to overcome that which held me in emotional and physical bondage. An addiction to food was only one aspect of that … soon realized I needed to live a simplified balanced lifestyle, (spirit, soul and bodily)… which began with an impartation of inner peace with wisdom/intuitiveness as part of that gift… realized I am far more than a body and needed to focus on wholeness through a living relationship with our Creator. (Seems to be who I am recreated to Be.)

Among other things asked our Creator to change my taste buds and to show me how to eat properly, as I let go of past baggage.  Have learned MUCH since… although I am not into the Raw Foods Movement per say, I do enjoy them and grow our own organic food, have 30 odd Fruit Trees, Vines, Bushes as well. Love nuts and cooked grains too.

Portion control and balance, mindful eating is a part of my present lifestyle, am 62 and have no illnesses that I am aware of  except occasional heartburn, brought on when I don’t drink enough or eat too large of portions or have too much time between meals. I understand this is a normal part of aging. Kefir and Kombucha Scoby is what I use for a healthy gut these days, as well as smaller meals and LOTS of water to flush out the toxins. I LOVE water!  

I do partake of some medicinal herbs to build up my immune system when I ‘feel’ the need for them.  My Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels are are normal. I do not exercise per say… but am a busy/productive person, and Prayer/Gardening/Grandchildren/Volunteer work part of my normal routine, (we hope to have a Greenhouse up by Jan of this year, we preserve our food in a variety of ways, and I harvest my own heirloom seeds).   For me… life is truly beautiful… and I am grateful to wake up each day with hope and guidance… with a knowing that keeps me in the love of God.

Oh… and I do have to work at maintaining some of this lifestyle, although like you … most of it is ingrained these days. *warm hug  

Great Blog btw…. 

18 Huckleberries { 12.23.11 at 4:59 pm }

 I am struggling with that too! I keep educating my family on health issues and reading articles to them. Meanwhile, I am learning how to make raw foods and planning on incorporating some of them in with their regular foods. But what helped me more than anything is getting them to watch the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” now both my husband and my daughter are wanting to do a juice fast. That is the start I needed, being prepared to make raw foods after that will get us all going in that direction. Maybe this will help you think of ideas to help – just don’t give up, keep working toward it and when you are alone or your husband is at work make sure you are eating healthy raw foods!

19 Cecilia { 01.18.12 at 6:00 pm }

Hi Huckleberries,

Thank you so much for recommending the movie. I have had so many people contact me because they were inspired by “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” I will definitely show it to my husband. Thank you for the encouragement!

Best Wishes,

20 Cecilia { 01.18.12 at 6:04 pm }

Thanks for sharing. What an inspiration!

~ Cecilia

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