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What do Raw Fooders Eat?

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What do Raw Fooders Eat?

I was very lucky to be part of this ground breaking new e-book where I, along with 48 other high raw fooders, had to keep a meticulous food journal for an entire week! It was super fun writing down everything that I ate during the week and it was an amazing opportunity to share this information with others, as I often get asked what I eat!

Here is little video I made explaining the e-book, What do Raw Fooders Eat?

If you can’t see the video above you can watch it here:

Here is my affiliate link below, if you would like more info about this exciting project!

Here is what people are saying about the e-book, What do Raw Fooders Eat?

I have to tell you that I bought your book immediately upon it’s release. Sweetie, you’ve outdone yourself and that’s saying a lot as The Raw Gourmet is still my favorite raw food uncook book.

Way to go! I wish you all the best luck with this amazing work of art you’ve put together. – Mary M

I want to thank you profusely for sending me this e-mail for it seems like a live fooder’s dream come true; ie real experiential stories of those who have succeeded in the live food lifestyle. I ordered it immediately on seeing the e-mail, and so I’m one of the first 300 getting the bonuses. I feel I now have everything I could possibly need to really live an optimal live food lifestyle. As you see, I’m already sharing this e-mail, and this info., with my friends and students. – Barry from Boston

I just ordered and downloaded your new book plus the bonuses…thank you for this generous offer. There are some books that I have wanted for quite some time I’m very much looking forward to kicking back and indulging.

Although I just briefly ran through a few of the highlights of what raw fooders eat. I have my favorites already. I was very impressed with David Kaplan. His story brought tears of joy to my eyes. I also enjoyed, and have always been impressed with Jinjee, The Garden Diet as well as Will Tuttle. Very interesting people and sincere to say the least – Wanda

I am writing to say THANK YOU for the special offer to purchase your e-book today and for the bonus books that came along with it! I was informed of the offer through the Living Light International newsletter and I am over joyed at all of the information you have provided for me today. I am amazed because it came at the perfect moment – I am morbidly obese and am on a journey to health through changing my lifestyle and incorporating more whole foods – and eliminating all meat, dairy and animal products from my diet. I am humbled and feel that this opportunity is more confirmation that I am on the right path to health and wellness. – Heather W

Make sure to take advantage of this unique offer. Click my affiliate link below to learn more about What do Raw Fooders Eat?:


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So, can I get this book anywhere?

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