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Wheatgrass Juice Recipe with Omega Vert

I made this amazing wheatgrass juice recipe with the Omega Vert Juicer after my friend Novalee brought me over a huge flat of wheatgrass. We were having some fun in the kitchen and made this short video of how to make a wheatgrass cooler. Both of us were surprised how good the juice tasted, because (truth be told) I’m not a fan of straight wheatgrass juice.  If you’re like me, and don’t like to chug wheatgrass straight up, you’ve got to try this winning  recipe!

Click here if you can’t see the video above

Wheatgrass Cooler

1 large cucumber or 2 medium cucumbers (Any variety will do but we used Armenian Cucumbers in the video)
1 peeled orange
1 apple
small handful fresh basil leaves
1 inch knob ginger
3 fistfuls of wheatgrass or desired amount

Juice all ingredients through the Omega Vert Juicer or another single auger style juicer. Enjoy!

*Best to drink juice on an empty stomach

Click here for more info on one of the most versatile juicers on the market, the Omega Vert!


September 22, 2010   6 Comments

How to Make Almond Milk and a Blueberry Carob Elixir

basket of blueberries

Chances are you already know how to make almond milk (if you’ve been around raw foods for awhile), but if you don’t, then enjoy this video where I show you how to make almond milk with my new favorite large 1 gallon nut milk bag! If you’re already an almond milk pro,  then fast forward to the end of the video where I show you how to make a blueberry carob almond milk elixir.

Click here if you can’t see the video

If videos don’t tickle your fancy, click here for step by step instructions with pictures on how to make almond milk.

And of course, click here for the best  nut milk bag on earth:) IMO

Blueberry Carob Elixir

1 cup almond milk
handful of blueberries
1 date pitted and chopped
1 teaspoon carob
1 teaspoon Maca powder
1 teaspoon blue green algae
seeds from 1 vanilla bean
pinch stevia powder

Blend in the blender until smooth for an antioxidant immune boosting pick me up!


Any good almond milk recipes you’d like to share? Please share them in the comments section. Thx!

September 2, 2010   2 Comments