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The Importance of Raw Food Community


Making a change, any change, in your life can be hard. We are comfort seeking creatures of habit and often times, the longer we have held the same habit, the same pattern of thought, and the same routine, it is even tougher to change our old ways.  Changing eating patterns is no small task

Food is comfort, food is nurturing, food is tied to family, friends, and cultural traditions that are so ingrained in our sense of self, that to change our way of eating can often lead us into an identity crisis. If you have ever been to another country, you can surely understand the intertwining of food and culture. Some of my happiest memories growing up were sitting at a table full of friends, family, and a home cooked meal.

I have seen many people not understand the gravity of their decision to change their diet. It can feel as if they’ve been cast away to a desolate island, full of mango trees and coconut palms, but void of the company of their normal social routine. All of sudden, going out to eat becomes a booby trap, going out to a bar for a night of drinking no longer seems fun, and everyone around them is questioning them about a lifestyle that they are still unsure about. Sound familiar?

The good news is that eventually you will learn to dance between your two worlds without loosing your friends or your mind. And I promise that your friends will get used it; you might meet them in the middle sometimes; and eventually your new lifestyle will feel as comfortable as your old. (but better because you’re not sick anymore.) You’ll become full of energy and have a newfound zest for life, and anyone who loves you, will notice and be happy for you.

Until you get to that place of ease and grace, there is raw community for support. By raw community, I mean any raw food related event in your local area including: raw food potlucks, festivals, lectures, classes, parties  . . . If there are none in your area, then there are online message boards, online groups, e-mail lists, raw food telephone coaching. . . I would say that 75% of my clients who call for a coaching session just want to talk to someone doesn’t think they are crazy!

I organize a monthly raw food potluck and I am witness to the magic that happens each night. People leave energized with huge smiles on their faces. They thank me over and over again, when it is they who make the event special.  Attendees make connections, get a tidbit of information that they needed, get a boost of motivation, some extra confidence, but most importantly, they are surrounded by people who are making positive changes in their lives. Suddenly, they are no longer alone.

I have been organizing raw food potlucks for awhile and I never fully understood why more people didn’t come each night. What I realized after talking to people, is that most are afraid of being judged. Maybe they are “not all raw”, they have a skin problem or weight issue and they are embarrassed to show up, they still eat meat and are afraid that other’s will attack them, or some other similar fear. I can relate to their fears. I used to be afraid of going to the gym because I didn’t want to look out of shape.  When I finally got the courage to go, I realized that everyone was so concerned with themselves that no one paid any attention to me.

The truth is, that no one is perfect and, like I mentioned earlier, making any change in your life is really hard. We all need each other. We need support, laughter, friendship, and validation. We are not making positive changes in our lives to be perfect, we are doing it because we want to live, we want to be happy, we want to feel good, and, for most of us, feeling good is super connected to what we eat.

All types of people come to raw food events, all shapes, all sizes, newcomers, old pros, the curious, and the know it alls:) Raw food is for everyone, no matter what percentage of raw in your diet, there is no denying that fresh organic raw fruits and vegetables can benefit almost everyone at any age. So check your fears at the door and come explore the wonderful world that is raw foods. It can change your life or at the very least make it a little better, a little healthier. Believe me, no one is judging you except for maybe yourself.

Most of us that organize raw food events work long hours for little pay and little recognition. But we do it because every once in awhile someone will send us a testimonial how something we did helped them to get the information they needed to feel better; perhaps we have a miracle healing testimonial with raw foods, and we feel that it is our duty to spread the word; or maybe we had a raw food mentor or teacher that really inspired us and we are paying it forward. But even if we organize the most amazing raw food event in the world, it is nothing without the participants.

So go ahead attend that raw potluck in the next town over! Drive a little more than usual for that raw food speaker who is touring in a nearby city! Sign up for that raw food festival you’ve always wanted to go to! I bet you’ll get just the information, support, and inspiration that you need. You can thank me later:)


Question of Day:
Do you attend raw food events? What has been your experience?

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How to Open a Banana Like a Monkey

Just had to post this. Watch this video and learn the best way to open a banana:

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Raw Food Arthritis Testimonial


I’m so lucky that once in awhile someone will send me a testimonial about how raw foods has positively affected their lives. I believe that testimonials are the number one reason that people get motivated to try raw foods. The my story page on my website is one of my website’s most popular pages. Until the scientific community catches up to what we already know about raw foods we have personal testimonials to give us the “proof” we need!

I was hoping that by posting this testimonial it would encourage others to try raw foods who are suffering from arthritis. I received this testimonial a few days ago.

“I have been 100% raw for five weeks since my arthritis diagnosis on May 21st. When I was diagnosed I had pretty much constant pain while sitting or moving. Now, during normal-daily activities I have about a few minutes, total, of intermittent pain in my – formerly! – arthritic joint. (That is precisely a 99.9946 % reduction.) I’ve started running, and maybe 2 or 3 times a week while running I get a little stiffness. But the intensity and frequency of the stiffness are both decreasing!

 In addition, I have not taken Excedrin since May 29th. My headaches have gradually diminished. I had a small one at the beginning of this week. I have taken Excedrin about 3/4 of the days of my adult life. My best guess is that 1/3 of those days I would need to get up in the morning, eat quickly, take Excedrins, and sit in my chair for an hour before I could start my day. (I started crying as I typed this. I am just now realizing the impact of what is happening – this relief is overwhelming!) I’ve had periods where I needed to take 12 Excedrins and 6 codeine pills in a day just to keep from screaming with pain. I did this for a three month period some years ago. In recent months (prior to rawin’ it) I have had a headache almost every night all night long. Raw foods are becoming a Lifestyle, not a diet.”
–         R.N. California

Hope this gives you some inspiration!

Question of the Day:
Do you have a raw food testimonial? Please share it in the comments section.

July 8, 2009   3 Comments

Australian Jarrah Bee Pollen

*Disclaimer I am not affliated in any way with the company below. This post contains information about bee products. I am a “beegan” in the sense that I consume bee products, and I respect those that choose not to, due to their beliefs.


In my post about the Raw Union Festival I alluded to the fact that I discovered a really great raw food product from a company I had not heard of before.  They are called Vivapura  and I was lucky enough to speak with their co-owner,  Chris Whitcoea, a  little bit. He’s a really nice guy and super passionate about his products.

He encouraged me to try his Australian Jarrah Bee Pollen. I have had bee pollen many times before; I buy it from my local farmer’s market, and it’s a regular in my green smoothies. I like my local bee pollen, don’t get me wrong, (I do believe that buying local bee pollen does help with seasonal allergies) but what I tasted from Vivapura tasted like no other bee pollen I have ever tried!

First off, the consistency is crunchy! It has been dried so it is not powdery like most bee pollens I have tried. The crunchy texture actually makes it fun to eat!

Second, the Vivapura bee pollen is amazingly sweet. Usually bee pollen is somewhat sweet and sometimes has a bitter aftertaste, but this bee pollen tastes like powdered sugar! I was reassured that it has been biologically and energetically tested by Gabriel Cousens and contains no added sugar.

Since purchasing the Vivapura bee pollen at Raw Union, I’ve been hand mixing the pollen into my smoothies so I can eat the little bee pollen crunchies as I sip my smoothie. Of course, you could just blend the bee pollen into your smoothie.

beepollenblueberrycoconutkefirI also sprinkle it on top of homemade coconut kefir (I’ll post my recipe for coconut kefir later) and blueberries as a super healthy and delicious snack. Not to mention colorful!

It would also taste great on top of any fruit, raw granola, raw ice cream, any raw dessert, and even on a sweet salad. It is sooooooo good.

The Vivapura brand bee pollen is a little bit of an investment so if you aren’t ready to try theirs, I urge you to pick up some local bee pollen from your local bee keeper. Here are just a few reasons why:

 Benefits of Bee Pollen

  •  High antioxidant levels
  • Natural aphrodisiac
  • Increases strength and endurance (Used by Olympic athletes with great results)
  • Reduces the production of histamine and can help with allergies
  • Source of B vitamins (except B-12) and vitamins C, D, E, Beta-carotene, trace minerals, and many more
  • 15% lecithin composition
  • 25% protein composition

 Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of The Future by David Wolfe


P.S. If you are allergic to bee stings then bee pollen is not for you.


 Question of the Day:
Do you use bee pollen? If so, how do you eat it?
Answer the question in the comments section.

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