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I started this journal in hopes that my life could help or inspire someone else. Enjoy!


April  2006

raw food soup with cucumber noodlesApril Started out in Atlanta, Georgia. It was only my second time traveling alone and my very first time staying in a hotel by myself. The two ladies at the front desk made me feel at home though.. Since there was no refrigerator in my room they let me use the kitchen refrigerator to store my food. The second day I got there I took a shuttle and two buses to get to the Whole Foods in an area of Atlanta called Buckhead. This was the most amazing Whole Foods I've been to in my life! It was about 2 times as big as the Whole Foods in my area. I was really impressed. They  had prepared raw foods in the refrigerator section, green coconuts (like the ones in Florida and Hawaii), a juice bar, an amazing salad bar and a wide selection of unpasturized juices. Anyways, I stocked up on food and as I was eating an avocado Nori wrap at the John of God event I wondered to myself if there were any other rawfoodists at the event. At the end of the day I ended up meeting another rawfoodist who overheard me talking to someone as we were waiting at the shuttle stop. She was there with another raw friend and she is actually doing a work exchange at the Optimum Health Institute in Texas www.optimumhealth.org It was so cute she had her little bag of flax crackers and tomatoes. Anyways I can't think of anything more healing than raw foods and the healing power of God. I wish her the best on her healing journey.


At the John of God event there was about 2000+ people there a day. It was great because we were all wearing white because the spirits that John of God work with can see your energy field better if you're wearing white. It was a sight to be seen. All the people I met were genuinely caring and open. At the event they were selling some stuff from Brazil. I ended up buying a crystal, blessed water, and a prayer triangle. Then my lovely roommate, who I had just met, bought me another crystal and a rosary made out of rose quartz. All of them had been blessed by John of God and the Spirits he heals with. I get such good energy from them so I made a little alter with them at my bedside.


raw chocolate apricot pieWhen I got home from Georgia it was the day of my birthday! Can you believe it I'm 29 years young! Nine is my favorite number so I'm very happy indeed. Anyways my partner was waiting for me with a  4 course dinner and he had invited over our two good friends. It was really sweet and so nice to have a raw meal prepared for me. Especially when it's by my partner; I prefer what he makes to any raw food restaurant on the planet. And not just because it's made with love but because when we make food we don't make it with all the salt, oil, Nama Shoyu that they usually use at the raw food restaurants. So not only does it taste good but you actually feel good after eating it! For more pictures of my birthday food  and other things check them out in my personal photo gallery.

It was nice to have our good friends over  because they are moving to Puerto Rico for good in about a month and a half! To help run the Puerto Rico Ann Wigmore Institute www.annwigmore.org I'm going to miss them so much I don't even know what I'm going to do. My partner lessened the blow of them leaving by telling me that his new phone service will be able to call Puerto Rico for free. Which is good because talking on the phone is something I'm really good at!


Anyways they decided to have a going away party. It was a raw potluck kinda deal and my partner and I were instructed to bring the pies. I  made a banana walnut pie and a chocolate apricot pie using raw cacao. I don't recommend eating cacao everyday but it was a special occasion so I thought, why not? My partner made a carob banana pie. I had never worked with the raw cacao before so it was kinda an experiment. People liked it but it wasn't up to my standards. It sure looked pretty though. I liked the banana walnut pie though, reminded me of banana bread. With raw food everything is an experiment sometimes you win sometimes you don't and you learn from your mistakes.


 I already have planned what kind of pie I'm going to make next at our next potluck.  I brought the camera to the last potluck but I forgot to take pictures! Too busy eating! About 20 people showed up. We meet in Santa Rosa, California every 2nd Wednesday of the month www.beraw.com. I'll try to take pictures next time.  The food is always fabulous, simple yet really good, just how I like it. Oh but anyways back to the party I got distracted. After most everyone had left my friend and his father played the guitar and then we danced and sang to a music called Kiitran. What you do is step from side to side with your arms in the air while singing Baba Nam Keva Lam which means, "All There is is Love" in Sanskrit. It is a really beautiful and freeing experience. His dad said that people get really high from singing this and are known to even faint in ecstasy! I really liked it. I didn't faint though don't worry. Kiitran is an ancient Yogic tradition. My friend told us that yoga has been around from anywhere between 7,000 and 10,000 years. Wow, I guess if it's been around that long it has to be good right?

The month is still young so I'm sure I'll be around again soon. Until then, raw pie dreams to you.


April  2006 continued . . .

Today I worked on my garden for about 3 hours. I have a small plot in the community garden in our neighborhood. I started it in September of last year and it has been very good to me. I had a wonderful winter bounty of kale, collards, kohlrabi, lettuce, mache, chard, and broccoli. But now that spring has sprung my beloved greens are going to seed. I'm going to let the kale go to seed and see what happens. I'm curious to see what will pop up on it's own. I also planted some seeds today (mostly cucumber and fennel) and did a lot of weeding! The neat thing about pulling weeds was that when you uncovered the roots of the weed there were worms living there. Some were pink and some were red and some even looked white. I also found a lot of other little critters in the dirt. It reminded me that the universe is helping my garden grow, the worms, the millions of beneficial organisms, the earth, the sun, and sky. It also reminded me that there are many forces, people, and angels at work helping me in my life everyday just like in my garden.

calendula, radicchio, and endive in my gardenThis garden has been a labor of love. It started out as a plot with a bunch of dried grasses, branches, and other plant debris on top of it. Not only did I have to clear the debris but I had to buy and install a wire fence around the plot. Then I made two raised beds out of organic compost and fertilized the compost with rock dust, worm compost, and organic fertilizer! I wanted my greens to be the most mineral rich greens on the planet! I even put crystals in the earth to help my plants grow. For those of you who haven't had freshly grown greens you are missing out. The greens in my garden aren't bitter like the ones you buy in the store and because I know what it's in the soil I know that they are probably more nutrient dense than anything you could buy. I think it's important to try and grow some of your own food. The vibrancy of a freshly picked fruit or vegetable gets transferred to you! If you don't have space to grow things buying food at the farmer's market is second best. Sprouting is also another way to get more life force into your diet.


coco mulchSo anyways I ended up planting some cucumber and fennel seeds. I baptized them with worm compost and wished them the best. I promised to take care of them everyday and I can't wait to see their little heads pop out of the soil.

Good Bye For Now,


April  2006 continued . . .

I hadn't even heard about Kombucha until a few months ago and now it seems to be all the rage. At least in California and Colorado. I even found it in the Whole Foods in Atlanta. I'm sure there are other cities/states have caught on as well. Anyways, what caught my eye is that on the bottle it said it was raw, and it also said that it contained beneficial bacteria. After trying Kombucha once, I was hooked! For me it's much better than soda, it's not often I drink fizzy drinks so Kombucha became a real treat. (Kombucha is naturally fermented). After further investigation I found out that Kombucha is an ancient Chinese elixir that is made by fermenting tea (usually black tea) and sugar. I didn't like the fact that there was sugar in the drink but I found out that the beneficial organisms eat most of the sugar and  caffeine leaving only trace amounts. However, if you are super sensitive to sugar or caffeine it might not be for you. I usually buy the Kombucha in the store that has the least amount of sugar, about 2 grams per 8 ounce serving. I have never felt any caffeine effects from the Kombucha and usually feel pretty good after drinking it, though I don't recommend over doing it.


homemade kombuchaAnyways after buying it at the store I realized that it was getting too expensive so I tried making my own. I bought a Kombucha "mother"  which is a symbiotic culture of good bacteria & yeast  ( Not a fungus or a mushroom even though sometimes people call it a mushroom).  However, you might be able to find someone locally who would give you one for free. I also found out that a if you buy a Kombucha bottle in the store and pour it into the tea/sugar mixture it will also eventually form a "mother". I find that if I brew a really strong black tea and let it ferment for about 2-3 weeks it turns out pretty good. Unfortunately it's nothing like the Kombucha I buy in the store. I have no ideal what their "secret" is. Anyways it has made a fun science project for me and I thought all you do it yourselfers out there would appreciate my efforts! I don't consider myself an expert though, if you want to start your own it might be good to talk to someone whose has been doing it for years. I'm only on my third batch!


Changing gears, last night I went to the most beautiful church service. It was a different than any other church service I've been to. It was at a United Methodist Church but evidently the congregation is very progressive. Anyways the service included silent meditation, singing, prayer, sound healing, laying of the hands energy healing, and anointing with holy oil. I got that same feeling there that I felt at the John of God event. I felt God's presence and I felt like I was breathing God into my soul. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Both the pastor's were women and I went up to them after and I told them that I liked the service because it allowed me to experience or feel god in my soul as opposed to just knowing God exists on an intellectual level. She said that that was the exact goal of the service. If church was always like that I think I would go everyday! This special service is offered only once a month on the third Wednesday in San Rafael, CA at the United Methodist church on the Miracle Mile. (Great name for a street huh?) I highly recommend it if you live in the area.

kombucha mother floated to the topAt the end of the service we gathered in a circle around a picture of a lady who is suffering from a degenerative spinal disease. She spends most of her time bed ridden and this has allowed her to explore her artistic side. She has developed a talent for manipulating photographs on the computer and the picture we were gathered around was a picture of herself in child's pose and it looked as if her body was glowing. It was a very powerful picture. As we gathered around her picture we prayed for her and I asked God why he/she would put someone through so much suffering and I got the most beautiful answer,

"Sometimes one has to get really sick to remember their spirit"


 A light bulb when off in my head. Sometimes one has to get really sick to finally remember their spirit. I think that's what healing is,  remembering your spirit. Remembering who you really are. I pray that each of us in our busy lives with the pressures of modern living take the time to remember our spirits, to nurture them and to feel and truly know who we really are.

In remembrance of spirit,




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