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March/April 2006

Jenny at Naked Apples


Naked Apples in Laguna Beach. There is a lot of cool raw stuff to buy in the store and the cafe eating area is upstairs.


Salad at Au Lac


Da bowl salad at Au Lac. Not bad but my favorite salad there is Salad Song.

Raw Curried Rice Dish


Au Lac's curried rice. Our friend says he fantasizes about this dish!

Raw Stuffed Bell Peppers


My birthday dinner stuffed bell peppers.

Raw Ice Cream


My birthday dessert; coconut vanilla ice cream with banana cream pie. We make our ice cream in a gelato maker Lello 4070 Gelato Junior  I highly recommend it, only if you like ice cream that is.

Raw Salad


A gorgeous raw salad. This could be a magazine cover!

Raw Crudites


The party spread.   MMMMMM!

Raw Rasberry Cheesecake


Au Lac's raspberry cheesecake.

Raw Chocolate Pie


Chocolate apricot pie. My experiment in raw cacao.

banana walnut cake


My banana walnut cake. Someone said the top was light like whip cream!


banana carob pie


 Banana carob pie. Cool layers huh?

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