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I started this journal in hopes that my life could help or inspire someone else. Enjoy!


June 2008


lemon cheesecake

Lemon Cheesecake with

Strawberry Dressing at Seed

I ate at Seed Restaurant in Santa Rosa, California Last month I told you about a new raw food restaurant that opened in Santa Rosa and this month I had the pleasure of eating there. On the left are some of the dishes that myself and a few friends ordered. I thought everything tasted pretty good, the prices were reasonable, and the presentation was nice. They also have some cooked vegan options which I think my non raw boyfriend will really like. So I'm going to take him next time. Anyways, if you live in Santa Rosa be sure to come and support it. Here is the address again:





raw food tostada

Raw Food Tostada at Seed

Seed Restaurant

465 Sebastopol Ave, Santa Rosa California

95401 707-546-7333 

Wed - Sat. 11 am - 9 pm; Sun 9 am - 2 pm.

On Sundays, they offer a lunch special for $6.60 (your choice of cooked or raw)


Definitely call for hours because they are sometimes closed for private parties.






Gabriel Cousens Book Signing Continued

bruschetta pizza

Bruschetta Pizza at Seed

Hey loves remember how I went to the Gabriel Cousins book signing? Well as I was cleaning off my desk I found some notes I took at the event.


Here are some key points:


*1 person every 10 seconds dies of diabetes
*7.2% of the U.S. population has diabetes for people over 65 it jumps to 20%.
*80% of people in the U.S. who have diabetes are overweight.
*Main causes of diabetes are sugar and cooked meat and fat
*1/4 pound hamburger raises insulin as much as 1/4 pound sugar.
*Cooked soy creates a naturally occurring MSG which stimulates insulin.
*Soy is linked to diabetes, hypothyroid, and Alzheimer's.
*Agave is cooked and raises blood sugar, and is not low glycemic. He recommends stevia and xylitol as sweeteners.
*Recommends at least an 80% live food diet, 100% is better. He says that moderation kills.
*He says the live food diet turns on the antiaging genes.


If you are interested in learning more about what Gabriel Cousins has to say about the raw food diet and reversing diabetes I highly recommend his book: There Is a Cure for Diabetes


Harmony Festival


me and matt amsden

Matt Amsden

If you live in Northern California you have probably heard of the Health and Harmony Festival. It is this huge healing arts, green business, and anything healthy and harmony related fair. It has music, speakers, and all sorts of vendors. There was actually a few raw food booths including lydia's loving foods which was wonderful because I got to enjoy fresh juices all day. I also had the pleasure of hearing Victoria Boutenko and Matt Amsden speak. God bless Victoria for introducing the world to green smoothies because I seriously don't know what I ever did without them. They give me the energy from fruit but the fiber and minerals from the greens. I'm actually sipping on a raspberry, banana, red lettuce smoothie as I write:)


victoria boutenko

Victoria Boutenko

I also got a chance to sit down with Matt Amsden the author of RAWvolution: Gourmet Living Cuisine, he was such a down to earth cool guy. He mentioned a B-12 supplement he really likes and a cleansing program called Caties. I'm not one for herbal cleanses, I much prefer water or juice fasting but I know some people who have sworn by them. Anyways, I came to the festival to see if I could learn a thing or two and ultimately support the raw teachers, leaders, and visionaries of our movement who work to create a better world:)





Speaking of raw visionaries I really have to commend Dhrumil for all his work at www.welikeitraw.com he has been posting video journals to share some of the insights he's gained from living the living foods lifestyle. His most recent video journal was about letting go of seeking. It resonated with me because I remember when I was at my worst with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I felt like I was always searching for the answer to my illness. What I didn't realize was that my constant searching only created more searching and I never felt complete because I was under the constant impression that I was broken and that something was missing. Many years later I know that in order to heal I had to know and feel well being inside of me even if at times I was just pretending or imagining to feel well. I realize now that well being is created from the inside, not searched for under every "holistic rock" and once you know deep in your being that you are well, perfect, complete, and whole no matter what your circumstances that is when all the answers just come flooding in without you having to search for them! I think my number one advice I would give to someone suffering from Chronic Fatigue would be to everyday imagine being and feeling well. Imagine feeling wellness all through your body, what would it look, feel, taste, and smell like? Then the remainder of the day focus on gratitude and joy and if you happen to be eating raw foods at the same time even better:)


My Apartment Hydroponic Garden


hydroponic garden

My Mega Garden on my Balcony

Hey loves as some of you might know I live in an apartment now and when I moved I had to give up my community garden. Luckily I gave it to my friend and he gives me fresh greens anytime I want! But My boyfriend and I love to grow things so we finally set up a hydroponics garden in our apartment balcony. My boyfriend is an expert at hydroponic gardening so it was pretty easy for him to set up this system, it might not be as easy for a beginner but I'm positive you could call the company for some support. We used the Hydrofarm Hydroponic Megagarden System but if you want a smaller garden you can use Hydrofarm's Emily's Garden System which I think might be easier to set up. Anyways loves I will keep you posted on how Cecilia's garden grows.


Summer of Raw


raw lemon meringue, banana cream pie, and chocolate truffle

Lemon Meringue, Banana cream pie,

and Chocolate Truffles

Some of you may not know but during the school year I work with children during the day and run my business when I get home and on the weekends but the last day of school was June 5th so I am 100% dedicated to spreading the joy of raw foods this summer. I have some classes and events coming up, am in the negotiations to do some raw cheffing, and would love to talk to you! So if you have been thinking about getting a raw food phone consultation with me now is the time to do it. Better yet if you live in the S.F. Bay Area come to one of my talks, classes, potlucks, or events!

I also just joined the give it to me raw online community if you would like to say a cybernetic hello.


Last potluck was our biggest one yet with almost 20 people and believe it or not one lady brought three different types of raw desserts. Lemon meringue, raw banana cream pie, and raw cacao truffles! Maybe she was gearing up for our raw pie contest in July!


New Raw Friend


I love to create raw community that's the main reason I have a potluck so I can meet new raw food friends. So imagine my delight when the universe worked it's magic and delivered me a new raw food friend. Not only do I have someone to do Whole Food's and Farmer's market runs with, but I have the opportunity to share experiences with someone who has healed herself of a serious brain injury using a holistic approach and raw foods. She is a an accomplished author and has wrote a book called, If I Only Had a Brain Injury: A TBI Survivor and Life Coach's Guide to Chronic Fatigue, Concussion, Lyme Disease, Migraine, or Other Medical Mysteries. I just started reading it and I find it chock full of good information for anyone who has a brain injury or is struggling with a so called " incurable disease." If you are interested you can buy it as an e-book or at Amazon as a hard copy.


Till next month remember: "You can never have a happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey" -Abraham




*some of my links are Amazon affliate links.


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