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I started this journal in hopes that my life could help or inspire someone else. Enjoy!


June 2007


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super green smoothie

Possibly the world's

greenest smoothie!

Hey I'm back! And more excited about raw foods than ever. If you remember my last entry I confessed I started eating some cooked food and boy did I begin to feel the difference. About two weeks ago I went back to 100% raw and it was so amazing. I'm even grateful that I was able to experience the contrast of what it's like to go from cooked to raw again. It was almost as exhilarating as the first time I went raw 5 and half years ago! I started becoming excited again about food, my energy increased, and I started feeling the high feeling that I only get when I do 100% Green Smoothies Lately I've been living off green smoothies. Click here If you don't know what green smoothies are.









pre-blended green smoothie

One of my

green smoothie creations.


Basically it's when you blend fruit with greens in the blender to make a smoothie. I even go one step further by adding green powder and wheatgrass sometimes. The picture on the left is a picture of one of my favorite smoothies to make. It has young coconut water, bananas, dino kale, celery, wheatgrass juice, and spirulina. You can use any fruit or any green that you like. I prefer to use dino kale because it's my favorite green, I just love the taste. You can also use any fruit you like. I've experimented with bananas, apples, peaches, nectarines, figs, and blueberries so far. I find that adding at least one banana gives it a really good flavor. The smoothies are so satisfying; I feel super charged and they keep me fuller for longer than just plain fruit smoothies. It's such an awesome way to get your greens because the nutrients are easier to digest and the smoothies are so sweet you barely even taste the greens.







Green Powders and Seaweed


sea vegetables

Sea vegetables

I'm also a big proponent of green powders, there are many out there but I just started using a new one that I really like. The thing I like about it is that it's mostly organic, raw, no fillers, the grasses are grown in volcanic soil and most importantly for me: the powder doesn't contain added digestive enzymes. Unfortunately, I can't take digestive enzymes because they really hurt my stomach and most green powders contain them. The taste is pretty good as far as green powders go.


Here are the ingredients: Ingredients: Dulse*, Norwegian Kelp*, Acerola Cherry (iuice extract)*, Kale Powder*, Spirulina*, Barley Grass (iuice* and solubles), Oat Grass juice powder*, Kamut Grass juice powder*, Parsley*, Wheat Grass juice powder*, Spinach leaf*, Bio-Life organic sprout blend: Broccoli Sprouts*, Mung Bean Sprouts*, Oat Grass Sprouts*, Sunflower seed sprouts*, Wheat Grass Sprouts*, Bio-Life organic spice blend: Fenugreek seed*, Turmeric extract*, Ginger*, Anise Seed*, Fennel Seed*, Cardamom seed*: Artichoke extract*, L. Plantarium. Other ingredients - Stevia* * 100% Pure Organic


Here's the website if you want to check them out: www.biolifenaturals.com/


sea palm trail mix

Silky Sea Palm trail mix

with sea palm, almonds, and currants

Green powders are especially great for people who don't have time to juice or even make a smoothie. You can add green powder in a little bit of lemon water with a pinch a stevia and get the wonderful alkalizing and mineralizing benefits of greens, not to mention the essential fatty acids and the easy to assimilate protein. If you want to learn more about the benefits of green drinks I highly recommend the Wheatgrass Juice, Green Drinks, & Sprouts Chart.


Speaking of greens another type of green is called a sea vegetable and I'm so lucky that the best sea weed company in the world has started selling at the local farmer's markets in my area. ( Santa Rosa and Sebastopol) Check them out: www.ohsv.net. They harvest their seaweed on the Mendocino Coast and sun dry it, unlike other companies that tunnel dry their seaweed. They also carry my ultimate favorite seaweed in the world. It's called silky sea palm. It is crunchy and can be eaten as is, like a snack. On the right is a picture of a trail mix that they made with almonds, sea palm, and currents. When I got home I made a trail mix out of mac nuts, goji berries, sea palm, and cacao nibs. It was awesome! I'm sure you could make it out of all kinds of combinations of dried fruit and nuts. I've also been using it in salads. I prefer it crunchy, so I'll add it on top of my salads. Two of my amazing creations are on the left:) Silky sea palm literally makes any salad taste better. Not only do sea vegetables taste great, but they can be used as a substitute for salt and they contain all the wonderful minerals of the sea as well as iodine and chlorophyll. Iodine especially is good for people with thyroid problems.


Farmer's Market Frenzy


kale and silky sea palm salad

Kale and Silky Sea Palm Salad

with Ginger Tahini Dressing

Summer in Sonoma County is a utopia for organically grown fruits and vegetables. It's definitely a raw foodist's paradise and playground: This past week I think I've been to 5 different farmer's markets! As usual, I've discovered some unique heirloom produce. On the left are a few pictures of my finds. One is a unique french heirloom strawberry called Moschata. It is so aromatic and tastes like a fizzy strawberry hard candy that I remember eating when I was a kid. You won't find them in stores because they have a super short shelf life. The next picture is of black raspberries, aren't they pretty? I bet they have a bunch of extra antioxidants because of their dark blue color. Cool:)


Flower Candy?


avo basil cucumber salad

Avocado Basil Cucumber Salad

with Silky Sea Palm

A friend of mine showed me that you can eat the petals of the pineapple guava flower and that they are super sweet and taste like candy. I love edible flowers and have tried many of them and I can honestly say that the pineapple guava tree flower petals are the best tasting flower petals I've ever eaten. What an awesome discovery!


Playing the Tourist


It was so awesome meeting my honey's parents. I adore their son, so it was natural for me to absolutely adore them as well! It is so fun to see your state through a visitor's eyes. We took the fairy from Larkspur to San Francisco and it was awesome because we landed smack dab in the middle of the San Francisco farmer's market! There were actually two vendors selling prepared raw food. One of them was Alive, a raw restaurant in S.F. I was so busy foraging for blueberries and kale that I forgot to take pictures! I promise next time. They were making some cool juices with kiwi that looked like those tapioca drinks. What an awesome idea. Now that I'm back to 100% raw, am planning to eat at Alive one of these days, will give you the full update of course.


gooseberries and strawberries

Gooseberries and Moschata Strawberries

Anyways we walked through the city and it seemed like things just flowed our way. We stumbled across an arts festival and had an awesome time on Alcatraz island. Even though it's my third time there, I love the stories from the audio tour. Makes you feel like you were there and part of the action. I still wonder what happened to the two escapees. I'd like to think they made it to Mexico and spent their days on the beach like in The Shaw shank Redemption.






black raspberries

Black Raspberries

The next day as you can see we visited the redwoods, old faithful geyser, and a petrified wood forest. I must say California rocks and sometimes I feel like my journal is an advertisement for it:) I guess it's a good thing to love where you live. Especially since I've traveled all over and I still am so proud to call Northern Cali my home:)


Ode to Love


This is my last entry for June and well instead of raw foods I wanted it to be on something that's been on my mind a lot lately. This entry is purely self indulgent I guess. I don't talk about it much but I have alluded to the fact that I met, 5 months ago, the most amazing man who has filled my life with so much joy and love. I mean I've never felt so loved, adored, treasured, cared about, or taken care of. It's the kind of thing you only see in movies or read about in romance novels but it is so much better cause it's for real. I always dreamt that I'd find someone that would look into my eyes and I would just know and feel from their look how much they loved me. I mean when he holds me in his arms I feel like he is truly there for me and that I'm not alone. It's what I always wanted more than anything, I mean you can have someone right next to you and still feel worlds apart.


pineapple guava flower

Pineapple Guava Flower

like the best candy you've ever tasted!

Now, however, I feel an amazing connection to him like I've never felt. I mean I used to hear people talk about soul mates and well I kinda didn't buy it, but now that I've experienced it I think there might be something to it. It's this easy familiar feeling like you've not only known the person before but that maybe in some weird way they're part of you. Like you're made from the same stuff. The awesome thing about it was that it was so effortless to meet him. I just would look at my vision board and imagine what I would feel like with his arms around me every night for a few months and he appeared almost magically. That's it. I didn't date or anything.




old faithful

Old Faithful Geyser

It's funny because with what I've been through in my life you think I might be bitter or resentful but strangely enough all the trauma in my life has opened me and my heart up even wider. I mean I hear people saying negative things about the movie the Secret. Trying to find all it's flaws and all the reasons why it's not true or it doesn't work and maybe they are right, but I know that when I watched it I believed in it 100% and I practiced everyday what it taught: gratitude, appreciation, feeling good, focusing on what you want, visualizing, acting as if it's already yours and well 9 months later I have a new life. A new place to live, a new car, a new job, an amazing new man in my life, more money, improved health, and most importantly a new outlook on life. I'm not saying it's easy to change your thinking but I know that it's possible, because believe me when I tell you that I was a worry wart and the worst things that happened to me happened in my head:) I just take it one thought at a time, one day at a time.




armstrong woods

Redwoods at Armstrong Woods in Guerneville

Anyways, back to love, what I wanted to say about love is that when a woman is truly loved by a good man she just blooms and and opens up and there is this glow about her. When I'm around him I just light up and it's funny because I used to worry about my body and if it were perfect or if I need to loose 10 pounds or whatever. But now I never care if my stomach is completely flat because I know my guy adores me and when I'm around him I feel like a goddess. I think if you radiate self love it can have the exact same affect. It's just not raw foods that can make you glow, it's love and joy and I actually think that the best medicine that you could ever take is happiness.



chalk drawing festival

Chalk Drawing at Festival

in North Beach, San Francisco

One of my favorite quotes is "Love and Gratitude can Dissolve any Illness." In my twenties, gosh I was so harsh on myself and I see it in other young women and I believe that one of the beautiful gifts you get when in you're in your thirties is self love and feeling comfortable in your own skin. I mean life is way to short to worry about a few pounds. It's true that raw foods will make you more attractive, but the only reason I would ever do raw foods is because I love it, it makes me happy, and it makes me feel good. Period. I'm really not against anything. I'm for raw foods, health, and joy~ Next month is coming soon I promise:)





pier 39 sea lions

sea lions at pier 39, the two appear to be kissing, sweet!


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