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Raw Journal

I started this journal in hopes that my life could help or inspire someone else. Enjoy!


July 2007


food processor

My new Hamilton Beach

70590 Big Mouth

14-Cup Food Processor

Hey Beautifuls I can't express to you how excited I am to be 100% percent raw again. Every meal is a blessing and I feel like I'm being so nourished to the core of my being. I'm starting to loose the weight I gained when I went on my little cooked escapade, my eyes look brighter, and my skin is glowing! All the reasons why I love to be raw:)  I've never had the type of journal that lists everything that I eat everyday, but since I've been so excited about food lately I thought I'd share with you some of my latest creations! On the left is my new food processor that I finally took out of the box. You can learn more about it here: Hamilton Beach 70590 Big Mouth 14-Cup Food Processor It's a great model for the low price, it's about 60 dollars.










collard leaf wrap

How to make a wrap with a collard leaf:

put pate with cut up veggies inside

and then roll like a burrito

The first thing I did with it was make a sprouted sunflower seed pate. Don't ask me what was in it, I basically just took all the vegetables and herbs in my refrigerator and added it to the sprouted sunflower seeds. Mainly celery, carrots, basil, parsley, and chives. I added some seaweed, garlic, lemon juice, miso, and sun dried tomatoes as well. I then processed the mixture in the food processor with a little water until it came out smooth. Then I put some of the mixture in a collard leaf with cukes, tomatoes, bell peppers, and more seaweed. I rolled it up like a burrito and ate a few of them for dinner. I'm usually not so gourmet, but I wanted to test out my processor and also get rid of some things in my fridge:)


Green Smoothie/Soup


collard leaf wrap completed

Here is the finished product. Yum!

For breakfast I'm still on my green smoothie kick:), but now instead of using water to thin them down I don't add water and I make it into a soup and eat it with a spoon.













lamb quarters

lamb quarters:

a weed too most, a delicacy to me!

My favorite green smoothie/soup combinations are strawberry banana lamb quarters and nectarine, bee pollen, kale. You can see a picture of them on the left. I've been experimenting with other types of kale instead of just Dinosaur such as Red Winter and Siberian Kale which is soooooo good. I don't know if I've talked about it before but Siberian Kale is this super tender kale that just melts in your mouth. I've only seen it at the farmer's market because it's not very shelf stable. I've realized that my favorite greens are kale, (Dinosaur, Siberian, and Red Winter), lamb quarters ( especially Magenta), and then Romaine lettuce; although I don't like romaine in smoothies, just salads.










green smoothie soup

Nectarine, kale, bee pollen, green smoothie

eaten as a soup with nectarines

and golden raspberries on top.

After much thought and consideration;) for now my favorite fruit is the yellow nectarine. I read once that nectarines are an ancient fruit. Of course, I still love rare and exotic fruit, but for a fruit that you can get in abundance in the summer, yellow nectarines are it for me. It's all about appreciating what you have, right? In the nectarine green smoothie I sprinkled some golden raspberries on top. They are less acidic than red raspberries and oh so sweet!


Easy Dinners


For dinner I usually make something quick like a salad. On the left is a raspberry macadamia nut dressing over mixed baby greens. Below that is some thinly mandoline sliced (I sometimes use the spiral slicer as well) heirloom zucchini with a raw pesto. I am so lucky that there is a local pasta sauce company that makes a vegan raw pesto that they sell at Whole Foods. It's made with miso, basil, raw cashews, and garlic. It's so light and delicious it's not worth the time to make my own.


lamb quarter smoothie soup

Strawberry, banana, lamb quarter smoothie/soup.

Another super quick dinner is a dollop of guacamole on Romaine (could also use kale) leaves with cucumbers and tomatoes. I just mash up some avos and mix it with Whole Food's pico de gallo. I find that Whole Food's prepared guacamole is a little too spicy for me. If I have time, I make a mean guacamole from scratch. Below that is my basic gazpacho recipe except this time I added more bell pepper, some spicy pepper, and avocado for a creamier consistency. It turned out great. I even garnished it with fresh organic farmer's market corn.





raspberry mac nut salad

Salad with raspberry Mac nut dressing

Below that is a smoothie that my guy made for me with young coconut water and meat, vanilla bean, and a lot of ice so that it is super slushy. I'll try not to get too mushy but, Awwwwww how sweet! I really do make the recipes in my booklets and e-booklets all the time. I truly believe that the way to stay raw is to arm yourself with easy and delicious recipes. I love eating way to much to settle for anything less than food that delights my body and senses! It really does take some restraint for me to take a picture of my food before I eat it, it's so yummy that I want to dig right in. But I do it all for you, so that you may have some inspiration to eat well! I'm kidding, it's my pleasure anytime . . .just don't expect me to list what I eat everyday ha ha.


Wheat Grass Responsibility


heirloom zucchini with pesto

Heirloom zucchini with raw basil pesto

on a bed of lamb quarters.

My guy went out of town and entrusted me with his flats of wheatgrass to take care of. It was a big responsibility and I was a little worried:) To my joy I realized that little dew drops form on the blades of wheat grass in the mornings. I though it was delightful so I took a picture. Anyways I ended up juicing the wheatgrass and put it in these cool little rubber ice cube trays shaped like strawberries. Below is a picture of my very cute strawberry shaped wheatgrass ice cubes. I'm almost out, but either I'll put one in my smoothie or put one in my Kombucha tea in the mornings.






More About Seaweed


guac on romaine

Easy dinner: guac on romaine

with tomatoes and cucumbers.

Just when I thought I couldn't love Ocean Harvest Vegetables any more than I do. They now carry a very rare sea vegetable that is hard to find, it's called sea whip or bull whip kelp. It's a bright green seaweed that is super tender and salty. There is a a young boy who sometimes helps his dad at the seaweed booth, and I asked him which was his favorite seaweed and he said bull whip kelp. So this might be a good seaweed for youngsters, and youngsters like me, because I love it! I like silky sea palm, bull whip kelp, dulse, and then nori as my favorite sea vegetables. Mmmm a lot of lists of favorites this month. Anyways, there is a picture of the seaweed below and a salad that I made with a macadamia nut tomato dressing.



More Cool Things at The Farmer's Markets


spicy gazpacho

Spicy gazpacho with sweet corn garnish

Below are some picture of some amazing berries: currants, blueberries, and black berries but what I thought was really amazing were the black currants. They are the really dark purple berries. I've never had black currants fresh and boy were they amazing. They were sweet and smooth and almost had a cinnamon taste to them. Imagine all the antioxidants they contain. Another cool find was this type of spinach called tyee spinach. I liked that it was crumpled, very cool. I'll never get tired of discovering new varieties of fruits and vegetables. The varieties you get at the store can get boring. It just amazes me to think of all the world's diversity, and makes me feel like there is abundance all around. I realized that one of the reasons I like the farmer's markets so much is because I'm surrounded by so many living things. I also love the community of it and the fact that you can ask how your food was grown. It's the next best thing to growing your own.


young coconut slushie

Young Coconut Slushie

Speaking of the diversity of nature, one thing that amazes me it the natural colors found in nature. A perfect example of that is the artichoke when it blooms. Since we usually eat artichokes before they bloom, I had never seen how beautiful they are. The petals are this bright periwinkle color, they almost look glowing. I also love the bright orange and yellow roses. I think they are called Katherines. I stand in so much awe of nature and I feel like eating raw foods has only brought me closer to her.













wheatgrass blades

Dew Drops on Wheatgrass Blades

I think that I have talked about Shimshi before, but I finally got to see him live. He is an Essene who writes and performs beautiful, inspirational, and uplifting songs. Essenes are Christians that believe in the Essene Gospel of Peace where basically Jesus talks about taking care of your body and more specifically about eating raw foods. His music is so beautiful and meditative that at the performance most people meditated or danced. It was very healing. Here is his website where there is a sample of his music: www.shimshai.com Well loves this is all for now.


Many Blessings








wheatgrass ice cubes 

wheatgrass ice cubes


kombucha with
wheatgrass cubes

bull whip kelp 

Bull Whip Kelp

bull whip kelp salad 

Salad Topped with Bull Whip Kelp

berry medley 

Blueberries, red, and black currants

tyee spinach 

Farmer's Market Tyee Spinach

artichoke in bloom 

Artichoke Flower

katherine rose 

Yellow Orange Rose



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