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Iceland 2004


geothermal pool


A very hot  geothermal pool. I thought it was pretty.

surrounded by geothermal steam


Me being surrounded by hot geothermal steam and loving it.

meeting of tectonic plates


This is where the Eurasia tectonic plate meets the Americas tectonic plate. The bridge moves a few inches a year. No wonder they call Iceland a geologists paradise!

the blue lagoon


The Blue Lagoon. This was the most relaxing experience I have ever had in my life and I would go back to Iceland if only to experience it again. Wading in the  warm mineral rich water lets all your cares go away. Which was good because we missed our flight on the way back and it paid to stay calm.

me entering the blue lagoon

Me entering the Blue Lagoon

water coming out of rocks


Notice that the water is coming out of the rocks. Iceland is full of picturesque falls such as these.

geothermal green house


A green house that uses geothermal heat to grow tomatoes. We basically lived off the green house tomatoes and cukes. Everything else was shipped in from far away.

esja mountain

Esja mountain. I climbed to the very top, well almost:)

midnight in iceland


This was a picture we took on a walk not far from where we were staying. The unique thing about this picture is that it is actually midnight and still not dark.

amazing waterfall


Another amazing waterfall.


geyser near the original geyser


A Geyser that is right next to the original geyser and where we got the name geyser from. Geyser is an Icelandic word. (The only one I understand I might add!) The original geyser doesn't go off anymore but it's neighbor does.



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