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Fiji 2005

me on the beach in fiji


Me in my natural habitat! No that is not a shark in the background it is an anchor or something!

bula bus


The Bula Bus! Bula is to the Fijians like Aloha is to the Hawaiians.

bula venaka smoothies


Me making what I would call my Bula Venaka smoothies because those were the only two words I knew in Fijian. Hello and Thank You. They consisted of papaya, banana or banana soursop with coconut water or passion fruit juice and ice, It took me about 10 minutes to blend them in the hand crank blender but they were worth it.

me drinking coconut water


Me trying to pose for a picture while drinking a coconut water.


ripe green bananas at farmer's market


One of the many farmer's markets we visited. The green bananas there are actually ripe. They are a unique variety that ripen when they are still green.

tiny pineapples


Tiny pineapples. So cute and delicious.

pink bananas


Pink bananas. Can you believe it. Aren't they gorgeous! And yes, this is their natural color! I'm not sure if they're edible though.


bananas growing on tree


Bananas in their natural habitat.

plantains on vine


Plantains. Once ripe they were very good.

changing of the guard


The changing of the guard ceremony in Fiji's capital, Suva.

botanical gardens in fiji


A picturesque picture at the botanical gardens.

mountain in fiji


A mountain that looks like a sleeping giant. On the other side of the mountain the tour guide said that  the people there know how to heal people with their hands.

view from hotel window


The view from our hotel room window.

small island in fiji


A small island we visited to snorkel on the last day.

hundu temple in fiji


A Hindu temple near our hotel in Denaru. Half of Fijians are the native Fijians and the other half are Fijian Indians from India who came to work the sugar fields many generations ago. Although there is conflict between the two groups at times, I think it's a great mix of cultures and people.


show highlighting fijian songs and dance


A free show at the hotel highlighting Fijian songs and dance.

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