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I started this journal in hopes that my life could help or inspire someone else. Enjoy!


Feb. 2009 and Mar. 2009


rainbow in sf bay on valentine's day

Rainbow on our way to San Francisco

Back Tracking Again


Loves, I'm sorry to be so late, truth is I haven't been in raw food journal mode, instead I've been in Chihuahua mode and wedding mode. Yes I said wedding mode. Because guess what, I got engaged! Feb. 14th, 2009! Yaaaay!


La La Land


A strange thing has taken over me for awhile now. You see, since being a kid I never dreamt about getting married like other girls. I remember chanting to my family that I hated dresses, I hated long hair, and that I was not going to get married until I was 35. Well since meeting my wonderful Darrell, my heart started to change. Darrel is such a wonderful person that from the moment I met him I felt like I wanted to have him in my life forever. I knew from the first time we talked on the phone that he was the one I wanted to marry and spend my life with. Since meeting him I started to imagine what it would be like to get married and I think I have made up for all the years I was an anti-marriage tomboy. But now that it is actually official, I am having so much fun being a girly girl. Still a practical girly girl but none the less a girly girl. I am having a blast finding my dress, jewelry, shoes, thinking about the venue, the food, the flowers! I am so creative that this is definitely going to be a DIY wedding and I wouldn't have it any other way. Darrel and I aren't religious or traditional so our wedding won't be either. There are no rules for our wedding only the ones that we make up and make us happy. Luckily my family is very accepting and I think they are just grateful that we are not eloping (that definitely was an option) and that we are going to include them in some kind of celebration. I have been very inspired by this blog:




pier 14 in san francisco

Where DK Proposed

The blog is a compilation of untraditional wedding celebrations for couples who dance to the beat of their own drum. If you are planning an untraditional, super personal wedding, or just love looking at wedding stuff, I highly recommend it.


You're probably wondering what I'm going to do about food, and well I think that I'm going to have some raw food dishes and a raw food pie for me and the raw foodist's who will be attending and then the rest will be cooked vegetarian. I'm still planning the menu.


I already got my dress though, I love it! Of course it's untraditional and kinda vintage looking and a super steal as far wedding dress prices go. I didn't buy it at a wedding boutique, but rather a normal dress shop and that probably saved me hundreds of dollars! I told you I was practical. I didn't end up getting my dress from here but while doing some research I found a designer that only uses green fabrics such as hemp silk. They have other clothing, as well as dresses. Check it out:




morning in bodega bay

Bodega Bay Misty Morning

I have also been searching for handmade jewelry on this very beautiful artsy site where you can buy handmade creations directly from the artists. I have bought a painting from there and I'll probably end up buying some wedding jewelry from there as well.




How it Happened


So some of you might want to know how my guy actually chose to propose and well I thought he was being super romantic most of February, but I wasn't sure why. For our two year anniversary we went to Jenner and spent a night at the Jenner Inn near Bodega Bay. It was awesome because the place was pet friendly so we got to bring our dog. The beautiful pictures of the ocean and beautiful scenery are from that trip. It was very relaxing and we are actually thinking of getting married in Bodega Bay we love it so much. Anyways we had a great trip and he later told me that he was going to ask me in Jenner, but his plans didn't work out.


2nd Attempt


rock off of bodega bay

Beautiful Rock in Bodega Bay

So anyways, on Valentine's day Darrel took me to the city to celebrate. We took the ferry over and there was a beautiful full arc rainbow in the bay. Darrel saw it as a good omen. We spent a lovely day in the city walking around China Town and downtown and then at night he insisted on taking me to Pier 14 which has a lovely view of the bay bridge lit up at night. We had gone there before to listen to music on our ipods and enjoy the view, so I didn't think much of it. And then he got down on one knee and proposed. I think my exact words were, "heck ya!" :) I was very surprised; I wasn't expecting it so soon, but I was delighted.


My favorite memory is on the way back from the city, on the ferry, calling all my family and friends and telling them the good news. I was so happy, I was expecting it to unfold like a Broadway musical with me breaking out in song and my friends dancing around me! La la la I'm engaged laaaaaaaaa!



me and Dancer

Dancer and I at a Dog Park

Even though I've been blissfully happy about the engagement, one of the things that has been missing is the fact that my mom is not around. It makes me sad to think that she is not here to help me pick out a dress or do all those womanly things as I go through this rite of passage. I'm so lucky I have my lovely older sister, and even though she lives in Chicago, we have been e-mailing each other and talking on the phone about things. I just wish I had something of my mom's to wear on the special day like a ring or something to feel connected to her. When I go back to my dad's I'll look through some of her old jewelry and see if I can find something.


Anyways, I apologize in advance that my journal might turn into a little bit of wedding blog or at least until September. (That's when we think we're going to get married) I actually think the wedding date is helping me keep on track with my diet. I've definitely been gravitating towards moving back to 100 percent raw and drinking a lot of vegetable juice. I want to look glowing on my day and good in my dress! I've even gotten off my butt and started working out again. I also want to do a juice fast before my big day, I'll keep you posted.


Just Knowing


me and Dancer

Dancer and I Spending Quality Time Together

I was thinking the other day of how when you manifest something you really want you just know when it appears. I mean when I saw Dancer in the shelter I just knew that she was my dog. And she has turned out to be such a blessing and her energy fits in perfectly with our family. I already mentioned how when I first talked to Darrel on the phone that I knew he was the one for me and I also had that experience with buying my wedding dress; I was able to pick it out in 10 minutes. I think that what happens is, is that when you dream about something you are creating it and so after dreaming about something for so long when it appears in front of you it happens very quickly and you just know it is the right choice. I also think about situations where I had doubts or had a bad feeling in my stomach about something and that it never worked out, no matter how good it sounded on paper or to my logical mind. I love it when you just know, and I'm going to be more aware of when I get those signals to go for it or to be hesitant.


New GT's Kombucha Flavors


plant at jenner inn

Cool Plant at Jenner Inn

I didn't think that GT's Kombucha could get any better, but they've really outdone themselves and have come out with 4 new amazing flavors. I've tried all the new flavors and now I think I have new favorites! I've tried Super Fruits, Botanic No. 7, Botanic No. 3, and Botanic No. 9. Superfruits has yumberry juice, goji berry juice, and camu camu juice. Botanic No. 3 has lavender and elderberry. Botanic No. 7 has hibiscus, orange peel, chamomile, and fresh-pressed ginger. And Botanic No. 9 has bilberry, honeysuckle, and red clover. I'm really digging the unique flavors, try them for yourselves!


New Products at Raw Glow


view from terrace at jenner inn

Jenner Inn View from our Terrace

Speaking of New Things I've added some new products to rawglow. One of my favorite green powders is Greener Grasses. I absolutely love it because it has all kinds of great nutrients from Whole Leaf Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, and the Juices of Alfalfa Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Barley Grass, Oat Grass and it actually tastes great! Even though it has wheatgrass juice in it, it tastes nothing like the fresh pressed wheatgrass shots you might find at your local juice shack. It has a mild malt like flavor that taste great in any green smoothie and is especially good in orange juice. I've let friends and relatives try it and everyone who has tried it has been pleasantly surprised. I put a spoonful of Greener Grasses in my smoothie every morning and it's great to take with you when you're traveling. Just add a spoonful to water or juice and you get all the nutrients of wheatgrass with out the hassle. For More Information Click Here.





dehydrator sheets available at raw glow

Dehydrator Sheets

Another product I've added are non stick dehydrator sheets. For those of you that don't know, dehydrator sheets are a non stick sheet that raw chef's use to make raw food cookies, crackers, and wraps in the dehydrator. Even though your dehydrator comes with mesh trays, when you are dehydrating something extra moist it can leak through the mesh trays or it can stick. The dehydrator sheets solve that problem and can be removed half way through the dehydrating process so your cookies, crackers, or wraps, can dehydrate thoroughly. For More Information Click Here.


Alright sweeties that's enough for now. Happy Spring!


Also, be sure to check out my hour interview with Lenette from gorawhavefun.com:


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