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I started this journal in hopes that my life could help or inspire someone else. Enjoy!


Feb/Mar 2008


bamboo cutting boards

My Awesome Bamboo Cutting Boards

Missed You!


Hey loves. I missed you guys. What have I been up to that I haven't even had the time to write for over a month? Well, making my dreams come true!!!! As of Feb. 9th I moved in with my wonderful amazing guy of 1 year. We moved to this beautiful apartment and have really been spending a lot of time making it ours. We basically started from scratch because we had so little to begin with. It was such a grueling process because of starting with nothing but now that we are settled in, it has been well worth it!


It has been so much fun decorating the place and setting up my raw kitchen has been a dream come true. Where I lived before there was limited counter space and I wasn't able to to have out my dehydrator, food processor, or other raw friendly kitchen gadgets. Now I'm in paradise:) My honey got me some bamboo cutting boards for Valentine's day. I love them, they are so hard and durable. I also tried to buy bamboo bowls, bamboo silverware dividers, bamboo mixing spoons, and anything else bamboo I could get my hands on. I love that bamboo is a renewable resource. 


used vitamix blender

My slightly used Vitamix

Then as a gift to myself I finally bought myself a Vitamix. I bought a used one but it came with a brand new carafe and it looks and works great. This last year I went through 4 blenders! I burned out all 4 of the carafes. Once the blade came loose and my blueberry smoothie dripped through the bottom of the blender and got everywhere. It was horrible. Finally, I have my very own Vitamix and I am sooooooooo happy. I've been making green smoothies and blended soups like crazy.


To learn more about why I like the Vitamix go to
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my leaf painting

My Leaf Painting:)

Also, if you order a Vitamix through the link below e-mail me at glowingraw-info@yahoo.com
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Eco Design


Moving was so stressful but definitely worth it. I think I had a mini nervous breakdown though due to all the stress and busyness but luckily that is all behind me. Anyways, moving really had me thinking about the environment and the amount of things we consume as American's. I tried really hard to either donate, give away, or recycle anything I wanted to get rid of. I also reused an entertainment center by painting it a new color and painting some wooden frames that had been given to me as a gift. We also tried to have a healthy home environment as well. We chose to paint the inside of the place with no VOC paints which have virtually no unhealthy fumes. We used a brand called Harmony at Sherwin Williams. Our living room color is called Edamame and our kitchen color is called Ground Nutmeg, and out bathroom color is called Sprout!


my kitchen counter

My Raw Food Paradise Kitchen!

I was frustrated with the price of good quality art so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I painted three canvases green and then painted leaves on them. I was inspired by another artist who did something similar. It turned out pretty good. You can see it to your left.


Composting in an Apartment


My next big purchase is going to be an automatic composter. Since I live in an apartment composting isn't as easy as it once was. My honey has never lived with a raw foodist and I'm sure he was shocked to see how much vegetable waste we actually produce!


My friend told me about this awesome product called the naturemill, www.naturemill.com It actually composts and churns your vegetable waste for you. It fits under your sink, uses very little electricity and takes up to 4 pounds of food waste a day!!! I can't wait. It really is going to come in handy with all the juicing we have been doing. I juice for us in the morning and he juices for us at night and on the weekends. Usually I juice orange and carrot in the morning and at night I have a green juice with cucumber, celery, lemon, apple and kale. The other day he made me this pineapple, kiwi, orange, young coconut water juice. It was awesome.


Love and Food


my plants against a green wall

My Edamame no V.O.C. paint wall

So I've been living and loving a guy who is not raw and probably will never be 100% raw. A lot of raw people comment on this fact and ask me about it. I was surprised to find that there is a raw support group about it. Here is an article that was posted on www.giveittomeraw.com about couples who do not eat alike. It is called I Love U but U Love Meat. I think if you enter a relationship with with a spirit of compassion I think most things can be negotiated and worked out. Fortunately for me, my guy is very open minded and loves all the raw food I make for him. We juice for each other, there is always fruit around for him, and I almost always make him a salad at night. He's actually been loosing weight. And he's agreed upon a no meat house which is really important to me. I also don't judge any of his food choices and feel fine cooking for him cooked Vegan food once and awhile. He supports my lifestyle as well so we are both pretty accommodating to each other. In the end love, not food, prevails! For all you raw singles out there I wouldn't limit yourself to dating raw foodies only. Considering we are probably .0001% of the population you might limit your options a little.


My Very Own Raw Food Potluck


pineapple, kiwi, orange, and young coconut water juice

Pineapple, kiwi, orange and young

coconut water juice

A dream of mine has been to host my own raw food potluck. I co hosted one for a few years in Santa Rosa but now that I live in Petaluma it just made sense to start my own. I held it in the state of the art Rec. room at my apartment complex which is huge, comfortable, and modern. It has a kitchen, tables, and big comfy sofas. Perfect to host a potluck. About 13 people showed up. Half were my raw friends and the other half were new comers who had a lot of enthusiasm. I started a web page about it: www.rawglow.com/potluck I also started a brand new mailing list for those who live in Northern California. I sent out a potluck announcement on my regular e-mail list and I got about 5 e-mails from people all over the country wondering if they could come!!! I'm also offering a free 14 page raw resource guide for those that live in Sonoma or Marin Counties (California) of all the raw food friendly places, practitioners, restaurants. . .(etc.) in my neck of the woods. Some of the pictures of the potluck are to the left. I made a cauliflower rice dish with a ginger lime sauce. It was a real hit. Some other dishes that were brought were raw chocolate balls, almond raison cookies, and the most amazing pie I've ever eaten. My friend made it and it had cashews, honey, coconut oil and at least 4 tablespoons of Spirulina. It was so creamy and cold and had the best consistency. I'm definitely going to experiment with it and try to make my own version.


first petaluma raw potluck

The First Petaluma Raw Potluck!

So happy I'm spreading the word about raw food again and now that I have an awesome kitchen I'm thinking about having some small classes right from my place. First though, I'm going to allow myself to rest from all the moving craziness. Raw food or not if you don't rest, it's not good for your body!!! Since Christmas I've been going going going and I look forward to relaxing a bit.


Bye For Now, thank you so much for checking in with me. I'm doing well and I hope you are too. I'll try to write at least once before the month is over. Much Love, Cecilia




Happy Easter


spirulina pie

Spirulina Pie, the best pie I've ever had!

Hi Sweethearts, Happy Easter, Happy Spring!!!!!!!! Yesterday my sweet little friend came over with the best raw Easter basket for me ever!!!!! It was filled with raw chocolates, raw bars, green powder, natural body care and make-up among other things. I am happy to announce that Lara Bar has come out with two new flavors. Yeah! Peanut Butter Cookie and Coconut. I think the coconut is my favorite flavor ever. Probably because it's lighter than the others. I saved a picture of the wrappers for you because the actual bars are long gone in my tummy! I've been celebrating Easter with beautiful fresh cut tulips from the farmer's market. It really makes it feel like spring around here


Spring Baby


coconut and peanut butter larabar

New Lara Bar Flavors! Coconut and Peanut Butter

I'm a spring baby and my birthday is just right around the corner. Actually my potluck falls on the eve of it so I'm hoping for a lot of raw desserts!


I used to not be able to digest raw desserts that well so I stayed away from them, but my digestion has really improved.


I attribute it two things: juicing and this new supplement I'm taking called Primadophilus Reuteri, it has Lactobacillus Reuteri in it which is a powerful strain of good bacteria. I heard about it before, but my interest peaked when my cousin told me that his doctor recommended it to him for some stomach issues. As it turns out it has a lot of research to back it and I have noticed a difference. I've been taking it for about a month now and since I've been taking it I've been able to enjoy raw desserts and  raw bars without any stomach discomfort!


Anything I find that helps me I want to share it with others. Happy Easter, catch up with you later.


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spring flowers


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