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I started this journal in hopes that my life could help or inspire someone else. Enjoy!


Feb 2007


sugar loaf park

Forest at Sugar Loaf Park

Where do I Start!!! This month has been the best month I've had in a long time. It's one of those experiences when what you've been dreaming about appears in your life and well it's a little shocking, thrilling, and crazy wonderful all at the same time!


I made a vision board in October after I saw The Secret and lets just say that something big on it manifested. I'll reveal it in due time but not just quite yet. If anything, this makes be believe in the Law of Attraction more than ever!! If you have the courage to believe, it works.


The Secret on Oprah


The teachers and the creator from the movie The Secret were on Oprah and it was very inspiring. It got so much attention that they did a follow up show the very next week! So inspiring. Check it out.


The Secret on Oprah The Follow-up Show


Resolutions Resolutions


sugar loaf waterfall

Waterfall at Sugarloaf

I'm happy to report that my New Year's resolution of being out is nature more often is still going strong as you can hopefully see from the pictures on the left. Did a slow hike today for a few hours and last weekend I made it to the beach. The wonderful thing about California is that you can be in the woods or the beach at your will! Also, I also wanted to be more fit this year so I started rolling skating and going back to dance again. I swear I feel like a teenager again. So alive and free:) Love it. Last night I had a dream that I felt more well being in my body than I ever have and that I was completely well and I felt this white light emanating and shining from underneath my eyes. I know it's a great omen that things are only going to get better and better for me.


Free - Raw Food Starter Guide E-book!


For those of you that haven't noticed I'm offering a free raw food starter guide e-book to those that join my mailing list. So if your resolution to eat healthier is fading, you can give it a free little jump start!! 

Valentine's Day


new growth on branch

Spring is Coming

If you're not with someone special on Valentine's Day I know how painful it can be, but if there is one thing I've learned in the last few months is that whatever you put out in the world comes back to you. It's been very evident in my interactions with children who have come up to me lately and told me they remembered the earrings we made together or the note I wrote them even up to a year and a half later.


I truly believe if you emanate love even if it's just to your friends and family all that love will come back in so many unimaginable ways. There are always reasons to fall in love with people, you can always find a good quality in someone even if it's just that fact that you learned from them. Love might be something that someone inspires in you, but it is you who feels it and radiates it out to the world. So no matter if you're single or not I hope your Valentine's day is full of bright shinning joy and love.


Thank you for those that read my journal, and see some sort of value in it. Sometimes I think it's more for me than anyone else because I enjoy writing in it so much. Feel free to e-mail with any suggestions or comments.


With love in my heart I send you a wish and a smile,



My Raw Valentines Day


green mossy rocks

Mossy Tree

Our raw potluck www.beraw.com fell on Valentine's day this year. In honor of the Holiday I went all out and made blueberry pie. I used the basic vanilla crème pie filling recipe that is in my vanilla bean recipe booklet and then blended blueberries into it for another layer. I also made a layer out of blueberries, dates, and lemon rind that I blended in the blender. I used Barhi dates that I got at the Marin Farmer's Market from Flying Disc Dates. I topped the pie with bananas and blueberries. The crust was homemade shredded coconut, walnuts, Mac nuts, and dates. I spared no expense, I went all out, after all it was Valentine's day. To top things off someone very thoughtful brought raw chocolate truffles from a bakery in San Diego. I promise I'll get you the contact information as soon as I can. The chocolates were a big hit and oh so cute.


We also had a discussion on wild greens and someone brought a salad made of miner's lettuce which was delicious. I also learned of a wild green called Dock, it was really good. So fun to eat off the land, or even just greens from your garden. There is something so fulfilling about it.


If you live in Sonoma County and haven't made it to a potluck then boy are you missing out. Hint Hint;)

Well just a quickie to let you know everything is all well in raw glow land.




3 Day Weekend


plate from potluck

Potluck Plate

Had a great weekend that hasn't ended yet thanks to Presidents day. As you can see I was busy in the kitchen and I made a raw lasagna that I'm planning to teach at my next class so you'll have wait for the recipe:) It was fun to make and eat something different once in awhile. Don't get me wrong I luv my salads but variety is the spice of life right? Raw Food Class Mar. 25th Speaking of my next class it's going to be March 25th from 3-6p.m. It will be a special class because it will be an Italian themed dinner class where I will focus on main dishes much more than I have in the past. Anyone who misses cheese needs to come to this class! :)



Going with the Flow


raw chocolate truffle

Raw Chocolate Truffle

Had a neat experience this weekend I was on my way to the mall and I missed the right turn into the parking lot that I usually park it so I parked in another parking lot and I happened to see two close friends that were on their way to an art reception. I ended up joining them and had a great time. There were 180 paintings! The one I'm posing next to is my friend's. He paints outside, mostly soft landscapes. You can check out his work at: www.sterlinghoffmann.com


My sweetie sister called me this morning just to tell me that she's sending me a care package and that it will arrive Friday! She's the one far from home, I should be sending her a care package! She is such a sweetie. I don't know what I'd do without my brother and sis.


my raw lasagna

Raw Lasagna

It feels as if I'm in some sort of flow and only good things are happening to me. For example yesterday I was in such a great mood and a little 5 year old boy walked up to me and handed me a flower and said: this is for you! It was so sweet:) It reminded me of when I used to teach preschool and a little girl was hit in the stomach with a soccer ball. To my surprise all the kids had gathered flowers and gave them to her so she could feel better! Love flowers. I've always had a special connection with them and to this day whenever I see a rose or a camellia I think of my mother and the rose garden and camellia tree that she used to take care of in the house I grew up in.


Anyways sweets I'll check in later. Have a blessed day!


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