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Europe 2004

Cecilia in Rome

Here In am in beautiful Rome. I love how in Europe all the buildings look beautiful. We basically walked all around Rome on foot. It was really fun. We came across a great farmer's market and enjoyed the Italian oranges.


Cecilia in front of the Roman Ruins

This is in front of the Roman ruins. Even in the middle of winter Rome was full of light.

Remains of an Ancient Roman Town

An ancient Roman town.

more Roman Ruins

More Roman Ruins.

Tenerife Fruit and Vegatable Stand

This is now Tenerife, Canary Islands, at the town market. We lived off the papayas and bananas.

Banana Trees

These are someone's banana trees in their backyard. Canary Islands are famous for their little bananas.

View of Tenerife Country Side

A view of Tenerife's country side. There are so many micro climates and biospheres. Overall canary Islands has the best climate on earth. Always mild, even in winter time.

On top of the Teide

Now we're on the highest mountain in Spain called the Teide. This is what you would call a steam vent and we are all warming our hands on the sulfur coming out of the earth.

View from the Edge of the Mountain

View from the mountain. I like being able to look out over the white fluffy clouds.

Snow on the Teide

Snow on the mountain, and yes we took advantage and threw snowballs at each other


Red Rock at the Teide

This is at the bottom of the mountain. The red rock makes it look like we're on another planet. I heard a few Sci Fi movies have been filmed here for the very same reason.

Date Palm on the Beach

A date palm at the beach. The dates were a little dry but still good.

Teresita's Beach in Tenerife

Teresitas beach in Tenerife. This beach is perfect for swimming and the sand was shipped in from the Sahara! I have a lot of good memories here, especially swimming at night.

Fruit Basket

A fruit stand at a black sand beach we went to. Take a look at the mango, it's huge!

Plaza in Madrid where my parents met

This is the spot my parents met in Madrid, Spain. This is where it all started!


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