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I started this journal in hopes that my life could help or inspire someone else. Enjoy!


Dec 2007


Happy Raw Holidays!

raw pear pie

Raw Pear Pie

Hi beautifuls it's that time of year that it's okay for a raw foodist who's been good all year to indulge a little in some raw treats! I personally love making raw desserts for friends and family. At our last potluck I made a really simple pear pie. I used Cosmice pears and blended them up with soaked dried pineapple and a few tablespoons psyllium husks. Then I added chopped up pieces of pears and decorated the pie with persimmon slices, rasberries, and pineapple mint. I put the filling in a simple almond date coconut crust and let it chill in the refrigerator for a bit. Because of the psyllium husks the pear pie really firmed up well. I was so proud of myself, it cut so well!  Next time instead of using dried pineapple I want to use dates and some cinnamon for the filling. It was so simple and everyone loved it!


Tropical Brazil Nut Milk

Tropical Brazil Nut Milk

I was so inspired by the annie jubb video that I made some Brazil nut milk with my cotton sprout bag, but I made it with twist. I called it Tropical Brazil Milk and it is a real winner. I think it would be a great thing to serve at holiday parties. You could even spike it with some rum:)


After making two batches of Brazil nut milk I had so much Brazil nut pulp left over that I made two different recipes. I soaked the pulp with raw agave nectar, vanilla, and orange and lemon zest to make a cake like mixture. Then I made a simple frosting with soaked dried pineapple, vanilla bean, and some coconut butter in the blender. It made a delightfully light dessert that had the actual consistency of a cake. I liked it because it was low fat. The pulp had most of it's fat extracted from making the milk and you don't have to add the coconut butter to the frosting. Just the blended soaked dried pineapple is really good by itself. I know agave nectar isn't for everyone. I use it rarely, mainly just  for desserts, because I prefer stevia if I really need to use a sweetener, but in this recipe it worked really well. I'm sure you could use dates or honey but it might change the consistency a bit.


Raw Brazil Nut Cake

Raw Brazil Nut Cake

The next recipe I made with the Brazil nut pulp were cookies that I made in the dehydrator. I took the pulp from my tropical Brazil nut milk and I put it in the food processor with some more soaked dried pineapple and dates and then I dehydrated them for about 24 hours at 110 degrees until they were firm but still moist and chewy. There is a picture of one to your left in a really cool raw dessert my friend made and put in a coconut shell. Very beautiful presentation! I love how creative raw food can be! There are no rules, just you the ones you make up.




More Food!


raw ice cream with strawberry sauce

Raw Coconut Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce

We had a little pre holiday raw food get together at my place and I made some nori rolls with sprouts  shredded carrots and a really good almond celery pate that I actually slowed down enough to write the recipe down. I'll add it to my recipe section when I get a chance. I used ginger, lime, cilantro, and green onion to flavor it. As you can tell I really like the Asian flavors. I've been using a lot of ginger lately in my green juices and dressings. I use it instead of garlic. As much as I like garlic it really burns my stomach so I only eat it once an awhile. During the winter I indulge in ginger tea. The other day I put some Brazil nut milk in my tea and it was awesome. The Brazil nut milk was still frothy from  the blender and it honestly looked like one of those fancy steamed drinks you get at Starbucks or something, it was amazing!


raw asian nori rolls

Raw Asian Style Nori Rolls

At the get together I also made this raw nacho cheese dip. My friend said that it was so good that she could imagine it at a super ball party or something. The base was bell peppers and macadamia nuts that I flavored with some Mexican spices and blended in the blender until smooth. Then I cheated and bought some raw salsa and added it to the cheese dip for a chunky texture. I served it with raw sunchoke slices, carrots, and golden flax crackers. The flax crackers were made with ground flax instead of the whole flax seeds. The next day I used the dip on some baby greens and, voila I had a nacho salad. Better than Cafe Gratitude's, well I guess I'm a little partial, but it was really good. If you don't want to use the store bought salsa you can make your own out of tomatoes, spicy peppers, cilantro, onion, and lime juice.


Adventures in Fruit

raw nacho cheese dip

Raw Nacho Cheese Dip

I'm not sure how many of you have tried Pomelo. It is this huge fruit that looks like a super size grapefruit. The inside has a very bitter pith but if you eat just the flesh of the fruit it tastes really good like a really sweet grapefruit. It's not as sweet as an orange but it is not bitter either, it has this really unique flavor. Very refreshing. I got mine at the Santa Rosa Farmer's Market. Just make sure that they are yellow on the outside and not green before you buy them.


The other day I was really craving a Durian, but I knew that the closest place I could find a frozen Durian was about 40 minutes away at a huge Asian Supermarket call 99 Ranch. I didn't feel like driving to 99 Ranch but the Universe is so amazing it heard my Durian call. On my way back from the farmer's market I came across a new Japanese market I had never seen before. To my delight there was one single Durian in their freezer! I took it home and it was so good. It was just what I needed, the perfect combination of sweet and fat. It was so filling and comforting. It was what I ate for the whole day. It was funny, this year is the first year I've lived with an oven in over 4 years. So I took advantage and put the oven on the lowest setting and defrosted my Durian so it was soft enough to open but still frozen on the inside. It's the most I've used an oven in a long time! If you do eat frozen Durian make sure to throw it away in a garbage outside! It smells like natural gas and if you live with other people you want to warn them about the smell.


raw nacho salad with flax chips

Raw Nacho Salad with Flax Chips

Lately I've had this pineapple obsession where I will make my normal green juice of celery and greens and then I will blend it in the blender with pineapple chunks. I've been fighting of this cold and I've been really craving pineapple. My body is so smart because as it turns out pineapple is full of bromelian and it has been found to help suppress coughs and loosen mucus. I love my green pineapple smoothies I call them greenia coladas:)



I had an awesome Thanksgiving my boyfriend and I spent the night in the city in a charming hotel right on the water. We had a picturesque view of the Bay Bridge and at night we walked to the end of the pier and he shared his ipod with me. We stood there by the water listening to the beetles; we outlasted all the tourists! It was so cute.

A Few of My Favorite Things


ginger tea with frothy Brazil Nut Milk

Ginger Tea with Frothy Brazil Nut Milk

Since it is the holiday season I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things that maybe you could get for your friends and family or just spoil yourself!


Favorite Body Care and Natural Make-Up


I love their salt scrubs. The coconut salt scrub is amazing it makes your skin so smooth!


The products are handmade with superior quality!


I use the Vanilla & Sweet Orange Essential Mist
as a natural perfume.

Pomelo Wedges

Pomelo Wedges

Ecco Bella

I love their lip crayons, they stay on better than lipstick.

Ecco Bella Botanicals Long Lasting L...


My favorite lip crayon color China Clay an earthy deep pinkish brown.


Dr.Hauschka Mascara

They have the best natural mascara on the market period. I also like their eye pencils.



They have the best and purest mineral makeup on the market. Other mineral make-ups have caused me to get breakouts, but not larenim.


Durian: The King of All Fruits

Durian Fruit

Cherub Blush

My favorite blush, a beautiful, feminine soft muted pink.


I love their tinted moisturizer, it is so light but really effective.

Zuzu Cosmetics

They have an awesome concealer and I like their lip pencils.

zuzu lip liner
ZuZu Line Innocence Lipliner - 1.1 g...

My favorite lip liner, a very neutral color


baby pineapple plant

Baby Pineapple Plant

Alba Botanicals

I really like their aloe unscented natural deodorant, great for the summer months. I also like their terra lip gloss.

Alba Organic Deodorant Unscented 2.5...

This deodorant really works!


If you want to learn more about some of the natural make-up and body care products I like, check out my natural body care article.

Cultured Vegetables


This is a really cool website that sells all kinds of raw cultured vegetables with natural probiotics that sound really delicious and they are good for you too! I think these would make a great gift.




pineapple celery juice smoothie

Raw Pear Pie

Okay so maybe supplements aren't the best gifts but I always promised that if I got better from CFS I would tell everyone what supplements really helped me! I'm not a huge believer of supplements but I have found a few key ones that have really helped.


Primal Defense by Garden of Life


Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra ...

This is the best probiotic I have ever encountered. They are soil based organisms that are great for people with candida, constipation, and other digestive problems. I have really noticed a difference when I take them and I whole heartedly recommend them to anyone






view of bay bridge from hotel window

Raw Pear Pie

Undencenoic Acid Formula SF722 250 caps by Thorne research


This is the best supplement I have found for killing candida. I have tried many other products and this is the only one that seems to work. Unfortunately it is not vegan because it is in gelatin caps but they can be opened if you like and they can also be used as suppositories.


If you want to learn more about some more supplements that I have found useful you can always schedule a raw food phone consultation with me. And if you want to know about some other products I recommend please check out the recommendations page on my website. I'll try to add more of my recommendations to my journal in the future.





Holiday Spirit


Raw Pies at Cafe Gratitude

Raw Pear Pie

As you can see from the pictures to the left I have been getting into the holiday spirit. First you can see the picture of a persimmon pudding that I made at our December potluck and a raw pumpkin pie that my friend made with real pumpkin. It was sooooo good. The base was raw sugar pumpkin, cashews, dates, fresh ginger and pumpkin pie seasoning. The crust was date pecan. I think it is the best raw dessert I've ever had, it was so good.

The persimmon pudding I made was real easy it just had blended ripe fuyu persimmons, ripe pears, dates, vanilla, and  lemon rind. The picture below that is of raw squash that was dehydrated with black sesames. They tasted like light crispy chips, I think they are my new favorite snack. I'm not sure what type of squash it was because it came from a friend's garden but I'm sure you could use any summer or winter squash.

persimmon pudding

Raw Pear Pie

My guy and I set up a fake tree and decorated it with some really cool handmade ornaments of butterflies, angel trumpets, and other animals. It has a nature theme! I am so into the Christmas spirit this year. I have had a blast getting my loved ones gifts. I can't wait to let you all know how they liked them. I just feel like I have so much to be grateful for this year. Health, happiness, abundance, friends, family, and best of all having someone very special to share it all with! Just remember that you are only as abundant as you think you are and only as happy as you let yourself feel. I wish you much positive focusing on everything that is positive in your life!



* Some of the links are amazon affliate links.


raw pumpkin pie 

Raw Pumpkin Pie

dehydrated squash chips 

Squash Chips

view of Golden Gate Bridge 

View of Golden Gate

small christmas tree 

Merry Christmas



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