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I started this journal in hopes that my life could help or inspire someone else. Enjoy!


April May 2009

birthday dinner at Cafe Gratitude

Birthday Dinner at Cafe Gratitude

Hey sweethearts. I think I'm going to be changing things up a bit with my journal. I've been thinking that I'm going to switch to a blog style platform and focus more on raw food stuff and update regularly, at least once a week. I'm not sure what I'm going to this with journal, this might be my last entry in this format. It's hard to give it up because I like looking through it from time to time. It really has been a documentation of my life these last three years and so much good has come out of it. Did you know that my boyfriend read my journal a few years back and it made him want to meet me? Now we're getting married, yay!


Technically 32, but Eternally 29:)


raw food birthday desserts

Raw Food Birthday Desserts

I'll start off with telling you about my birthday. I'm 32! I celebrated it twice. First, with a family outing to Cafe Gratitude in San Rafael. It was awesome, they gave me a raw strawberry shortcake with a candle in it. I freaking love Cafe Gratitude desserts! My favorites are their coconut creme pie and their strawberry cobbler with their vanilla ice cream! Mmmmm! Then I hosted a birthday/slash engagement party and there were more raw desserts. A tropical fruit coconut cream pie that I made and a mango pie my friend john made. They were a hit. I think about 40+ or so people came to the engagement party and four little Chihuahuas. My in future in-laws were visiting and they met my parents for the first time. It went well and it felt great to be surrounded by so many family and friends.


After the engagement party we hosted my future in-laws for the week and played tour guide with them again this year. We walked the Golden Gate Bridge, went to the San Francisco Botanical Gardens, and Stayed a night at Bodega Bay.


more birthday raw food desserts

More Desserts

I'm so blessed I lived in an area that I love to show to my out of town friends and family. Northern California is one of the few places that I could live, but Southern California comes in a close 2nd! Darrell and I just visited Hollywood and Santa Monica and had a raw food adventure! You can see the pictures of my Hollywood Santa Monica adventure here. It was sooooo much fun and the first time Darrell and I were on a plane together!


A few weeks after our sightseeing tour around San Francisco, Darrell entered a local golf tournament. I rode along with him to show my support. For a weekend golfer he is talented. It was so cute, when he sank a putt he turned to me and we both smiled. He didn't feel he did his best so I'm not allowed to tell anyone his score, but he did really well.


Thank You


wedding jewelry

Wedding Jewelry I Made

Considering this is probably going to be my last journal entry in this format. I just wanted to thank you for reading my journal and supporting me. I didn't really know where the journal would take me, but my goal was to show other's that living the raw food's lifestyle could be easy and fun. I consider myself a fairly average person for the most part, but I live the raw food's lifestyle and I love it. If anything, it has enhanced my life in so many ways: increased energy, new friends, and it has given me a passion and a purpose in life. I hope that I have encouraged other's to at least try it. You never know where it might take you. I can't believe where I am right now. Completely in love with my partner, I love where I live, I am so in love with my little Chihuahua, and I love that my work is to spread the word about the power of living and raw foods. I'm excited about my future. Of course, I look forward to getting married, if you haven't noticed:) I'm also excited about eventually rescuing another Chihuahua. We are undecided about having children but we are certain we are going to get another dog, they are like our little furry babies. I'm super excited about expanding my business so that I'm able to work from home full time and have the freedom to travel. It is too hard to to leave my precious Dancer, just look at her picture to belowt, can you blame me? I also want to focus more on writing articles and developing raw food recipes.


tide pool in bodega bay

Tide Pool in Bodega

I really feel like I'm at a great point in my life. I love where I am but I'm in joyful anticipation about the future. I do hope you will follow me to my new raw glow blog. My vision for my new blog is to offer a practical, balanced, and light approach to the raw food's lifestyle with community input and of course, lots of pictures! If you've been reading this journal for awhile you know how much I love taking pictures. I'm going to focus more on education, and include less personal tidbits, but I will share wedding pictures:)


Here's to a new chapter for the raw glow girl, I do hope you will join me.



Protia at S.F. Botanical Gardens 


future golf pro 

Future Golf Pro

raw food loving ladies 

Raw Food Superstars:)

Dancer Looking Cute 

Bye for Now!



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