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"I started Raw Glow after healing myself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Asthma, and I got to my ideal weight through a primarily raw food diet and positive thinking. I was so excited to share what I had learned that I started building a website so that people could get the information and tools they needed for becoming raw and to start living a healthier and more glowing life! Raw Glow continues to grow everyday and with your support will continue to flourish."- Cecilia Kinzie, Owner

What people are saying about Raw Glow:

"Thanks so much. I love your site (it's my favorite Raw Food Site)" -L.M.

"I want to thank you for your absolutely delicious contributions to the raw food world! You are a gifted culinary artist whose work is nothing less than edible art! I cannot wait to receive your booklets. You are an inspiration to me as I am also a raw food educator. Thank you for all your lovely recipes on your website." -D.S.

"Hi! I came across your website and I think is great! I just wanted to thank you for the idea of the dream-slide (board)! I really loved it and I will start working on mine right now ;) Keep up the good work is really inspirational to find sites like yours. Sincerely"-A.M.

"I think its amazing that u don't think your story would inspire others but it does and that is a wonderful thing. I was never diagnosed with a major health issue but i do want to eat better and lead a healthier lifestyle and you gave me some inspiration and u should know that. Thanks"
-D.K. California

"I am so incredibly inspired by your gracious, kind energy. It flows out from your photos and in your words....and I am so energized by the idea that I might be able to feel the same way you describe your life now, after becoming raw and focusing on spirit. Thank you for helping me believe that I too can feel better.....you have no idea how much that means to me. I am bringing goodness into my life again, and it feels incredible. Thank you so much, and please keep writing! I will be a loyal reader."- A.C.

"I was just reading your raw transition journal and found it really inspired. I have no extremely major health issues but could feel a lot better in various areas. I have been finding it hard to stick with raw eating but seeing your success and transformation is really motivating. You are absolutely glowing. Take care. :)"-S.G.

"I love reading your journal--glad to see you posting again. There's something about it that feels healing and deeply inspiring to me. Thank you!"-K.K. Minnesota

"I have enjoyed looking around your website. You are an inspiration."-K.P.

"Thanks for being such an inspiration... I've enjoyed perusing your website".-Kat


"If you let go of all the garbage, what's left is love and intelligence and caring and a warm happy glow in your body, your soul, and your mind. An enjoyment of what you have." - Doris Roberts